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Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, but does CD Projekt Red’s newest open-world adventure live up to the lofty fan expectations? We answer that and more as we go over the game’s highs and lows in the latest Game Informer review.

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  1. Cool. Let's all buy Cyberpunk 2077 and beat the sale records of both Minecraft and GTA 5. This already great game, will even become better with updates, just like what happened to 'No Man's Sky' but that game started as bad, no great, like Cyberpunk 2077.

    God bless, Revelation 21:4

  2. Ain't the witcher 3…But it's a fun cyberpunk rpg with a good story and cool characters…cant go wrong. Maybe just wait for some patches and optimization. And dont be broke…*cries over overheating laptop* Still fun though!

  3. So basically, if I bought the disk version on a last gen base system, and don't have reliable internet, (as an estimated 12-16 million Americans don't), didn't i just buy a $60 coaster??

  4. I’m a shallow gamer and I’m only really interested in good the graphics are and how good the gunplay is. Thankfully, both of these bases are covered, as it looks incredible (on PC and next-gen) and from what I’ve heard, the guns feels awesome to use. It’s such a shame about the litany of bugs. I wish it hadn’t been rushed. When the next-gen patches are released, I’ll buy the game and play it as it’s supposed to be played.

  5. Great more dumb AI and it never seems to matter what hardware games run on. It's just lazy plus it's a single player game. I want next gen AI that's organic and human like or animal like not BS like!!!

  6. Another SJW fascist review. Who are you to tell developers what type of mature content they should put into games. I for one love all the bad stuff in the game as life is full of darkness; moreover, I could care less about social commentary. I play this game as a fantasy. If I want politics I watch the news. I enjoy playing a bad V and killing everyone; I love sleaze and torture. Keep your own morality to yourself you fascist.

  7. I had to return it digitally. On the old consoles it did not work for me really at all. Frame rate was absurdly low that made shooting difficult and so many glitches that hurt the experience. Would recommend waiting to get the next gen version or on pc if you can! I’m very excited to play it when the next gen upgrade versions come

  8. It's definitely a playable game and it seems good. But I think it was overhyped. The bugs and glitches in the game are making the game unplayable and it's just a bit of a bad game. It's not as good as we thought, Gotta say. The game could have been better and they delayed the game more, and more, and more and more. I don't see why are people loving this game so much. It's such a bad game from what it could be and you can hate me as long as you want. And the worst thing of all : Insane marketing, promises. And after that they pay reviews, and wont let streamers and infulencers to show any console/own footage before release day. This is very shady, and dishonest. They KNEW the game will launch in this state, and they tried to cover it.

    People praise this game, I don't understand why, this is a marketing failure, a lie, a scam. I wouldn't have problem with the game at all if they would not marketing it as they did.

  9. Don't agree entirely with the stuff about V. His personality fits the world he has grown up in. Check out Giant bombs discussion on it though, they were very critical to that type of stuff and how the world presents itself. Oh, and I can't be the only one that thinks you have a few to many story spoilers in the footage. Otherwise it's a great review.

  10. Maybe this game is a 9… But I think CDPR promised a 12 because it's still disappointing. Like the character building and story choices don't go nearly as deep as they said they would

  11. Mate, if Johnny Silverhand is the one holding the arsehole in you back, you need to think about the way you're playing this game lol

  12. I personally agree with this. Fun game? Yes, I'm enjoying the crap out of it. The sexual overtones are waaaay over done in this, not sure what they were thinking tho. Lastly this isn't the overhyped game we were told about, one can see they either changed things or it was just flat out cut out making the game feel unfinished, which may or may have lead to some of the issues.

    That is my opinion in a tidy wrapping, happy new year everyone ?

  13. This game is definitely not a 9/10, more like a 5/10 on PC and 2/10 on last gen consoles (PS4 and XBone). Even without the countless bugs and glitches, there is nothing next gen about this game due to its overall shallow gameplay and horrible physics system.

  14. "I didn't find the gunplay enthralling"
    Lol that's one way to put it. Guns in the game feel like you're playing a ps2 game. No attention paid at all to make the guns have weight and realistic recoil. If you play military FPS or even Destiny and Apex you'll be SORELY disappointed shooting anything in cyberpunk.
    Edit: I didn't finish watching the review. Can't believe it's a 9. Bugs alone crashed my game 3x before I even had a dozen hours in. I guess you don't get that exp playing on industry's finest gaming PC though.

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