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Cyberpunk 2077 Beginner Tips

Which life path should you choose? Do you upgrade your weapons or buy new ones? How should you prioritize mainline missions versus the quests? We answer all these burning questions and more on our Cyberpunk 2077 Beginner tips video featuring the…

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  1. I have a PS5 and I have played 4 hours of it probably and it has crashed on me twice. I’ve had to reload my save cause my character got stuck in the floor. Yes it’s annoying but the game is still fun. There are still a lot of bugs in the game and i hope they fix it soon.

  2. Game is barebones in the RPG department, you dont need to min max or twist your head in that aspect. this game isnt deus ex, nor borderlands where the stats matter. Cyberpunk 2077 rpg element is laughable, stealth in this game is one dimensional, hacking is barebones they should have marketed this game as a story driven fps shooter set in an dynamic open world, and people would fine be with that.

  3. WARNING! This video is riddled with spoilers! WARNING! What is wrong with you guys? Why wouldn't you warn that this is a spoiler chat and not beginning tips?

  4. to all the guys complaining about "spoilers" … to a beginner, the game is so complex that you'll have NO IDEA wtf they're even talking about… so… just relax guys… these are some decent enough tips for beginners.

    This "tips" video is mostly plot spoilers.
    The only worthwhile tip here is to take your time exploring the game once you've done a couple of story missions and not feel like you have to rush through the main story.

  6. Top right: talked of lot of *ex toys junk
    Bottom left: talks of romance options
    So is there any hanky panky in this game? No, I ain't a perv but we all know we all enjoy that 5 mins of chill time like in Witcher 3 after having gone through hours of monsters & leveling. Incentive I would say.

  7. This is a good vid about group discussions on a game. I have never seen something like this before. Unfortunately I will have to come back cos mine is still downloading so half of what they say passes over my head.

  8. The bottom left chick just starts blowing spoilers on how your friendship with Jackie plays out in alternate life paths at around the 6 minute mark y'all watch out. I really wish I hadn't opened this video

  9. Thanks for beginner tips. I'm fixing to start playing it today. Looking into this game, I was skeptical about how I was going to go into the game. But I feel more comfortable about it now. Thanks #Great Tips

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