Cyberpunk 2077: Base PS4 vs PS5

Want to know just how different Cyberpunk 2077 looks on PlayStation 5? Check out this graphics comparison between a base PS4 model and PS5. 

Cyberpunk 2077 is a stunning game… if you’re playing it on the right systems. It’s being hailed as “the new Crysis” on PC, and you’ll need a powerful…

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  1. I like the game I have it for my ps5. (Ps4) disc. But in my opinion with all the controversy the game gets I think it should’ve been released on the PC first because I have an experienced myself any problems yet I’m at the beginning of the game that being said I like it but hey it happens gta has its glitches also

  2. I hate games that really just hurt the player. I mean look at how inaccurate the player is on the driving scene 2:30. Man. Should’ve canned last gen release. they knew it wasn’t stable.

  3. Разницы никакой не вижу, одна и та же картинка. Говорят люди, на обычной PS4 текстуры размыты, на придумывали. Она на базовой PS4 также красиво и чётко смотрится. Если я вплотную сяду к экрану и буду присматриваться, то незначительные отличия я, возможно, увижу. Но в глаза они никак не бросаются. Игра смотрится одинаково совершенно, практически.

  4. Hey hoping someone can help me out. I just purchase the PS4 version of this game today and have the physical disc. I have a PS5 and am wondering what I need to do to play the PS5 version. I looked at other videos that stated I should just go to settings and change the version but am not seeing it.

  5. No idea why this game released. They announced it wayy to early and forced themselves to release it on last gen consoles the way it was. If they had delayed it another year secretly and made it Next-Gen only, we could've gotten a much more finished game.

  6. My PS4 had a hard time running god of war but I cleaned it and now keep it in a less dusty area and it runs vanguard beautifully and very quiet and not hot at all I’m actually wondering how this is possible

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