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79 Rapid-Fire Questions About Hitman 3

In the first exclusive video from our month of Hitman 3 coverage, Senior Editor Jeff Cork sits down with Mattias Engström, Game Director at IO Interactive, to ask 79 rapid-fire questions about the game, including which assassinations are the…

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  1. The Game Informer employee might as well have been making fun of the IO too because it seemed like he was making fun of the HITMAN series for half the interview

  2. "is there one frequently requested element that you've brought into hitman 3?"


    Oh cool! What is it? Human shields? Dual silver ballers? First person mode? Hiding Illegal items in cases to not be detected during frisks? Elevator hatch takedowns? Looking through keyholes or cracks in doors? The instinct system of hiding your face from enforcers? Non target accidents not counting towards your SA rating? A level on a cruise ship?

    "It's rain"

    Oh…. Ok then.

  3. Shame we cant get these for every game release ever haha. Nice back and forth as always Jeff. Also just want to say the whole legacy idea of playing previous content in the new engine is just…. chef kiss

  4. 79 pointless questions. what we really want to know is whyyyy they didnt put hitman on steam!! soo you can use steam vr to play it on pc vrs!!!!!!!

  5. My only complaint would be not addressing the ongoing vocal and legitimate concerns about the drawbacks of a live service delivery, ie not allowing progress offline. What will happen to the last (best) of this great series when the servers go down or switches hands. Will need to rely on homebrew servers which might not even be legal in the future.

  6. The entire time I watched this video, I was looking at the closet behind Cork and was thinking that would be a great place to hide

    I play too much Hitman

  7. Few questions if anyone knows…
    1. What can we expect from the ps5 version? Ray tracing? Frame rate? 4k?
    2. Is hitman 2 and 1 getting updated with the newer engine too?

  8. Love this as always, but why no picture or video accompany topic that being talk about? Like showing pictures of the disguises while talking about his favourite one.

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