Xbox Series X Review

Having spent the better part of a month with the Xbox Series X, and after spending hundreds of hours playing games like Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Gears Tactics, and Dirt 5, Michael Higham shares his final impressions of Microsoft’s new console in this video review.

Michael goes through the Xbox…

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  1. Quick resume for people who have purchased digital games only? Disc users still have swap out discs to resume? I’ve never had an Xbox so I’m unsure how this works… on PS4 pro, you install the game but still need a disc to play for security.

  2. If someone can only play on a 1080 24” monitor and it’s already a money stretch should they just get the s model?

  3. I have a question that probably has an obvious answer. Can we assume that most games will quick resume as long as we’ve played it recently and it hasn’t updated since last time we played?

  4. I have a PS4 . Am I going to notice a substantial upgrade in the controller when I get a series X ? In other words is the Xbox series x controller a lot better than the DualShock 4?

  5. I'm hesitant about buying into this generation of consoles. To me, it's a lot about 4K and I don't want to buy a 4K set to take advantage of the higher resolutions. The PS4/X1 didn't have that problem. Most people, like me, had a HDTV already. Now if I buy a PS5/Series X, it means upgrading the tv or else I just have a brand new $500+ console limited to 1920×1080. So in the end this could end up costing well over $800: console, tv, new game, online service. I love my PS4 and still have many unfinished games. The PS4 still has a ton of potential and tossing it aside is a big waste of money. For now I'm waiting at least six months to see what happens. It's not like working class stiffs like me can even get their hands on one anyway without being ripped off by the scalpers.

  6. Is worth uograde from Xbox one s to new Xbox series if i only have 4K TV with 50Hz? The other issue is when i play Xbox on projector im using optical cable that is connected from Xbox into my logitech 5.1 sound system. How do i connect the sound when it does not have optical out? Any audio converter will help ? Im in hard decision should i buy the new Xbox x or stay with lód Xbox one s.

  7. I think it's the same situation as last generation

    The PS4/Xone weren't that far apart (900p vs 1080p on average isn't that massive of a difference) and this generation has further closed the gap.

    There are some more stark numbers to look at like Sony's marginally faster SSD, the Xbox's overall stronger (yet lower clock speed) GPU and bandwidth on RAM, but because of the nature of both consoles we will see an equal distribution of visually stellar titles.

    It's all going to be exclusives all over again. Xbox seems to be making an effort in buying out companies (and even if they have the same games on PC the titles can still be exclusive to Xbox in terms of console platform comparisons) but Sony still has the lead (even though braindead weeks are crying foul at Sony's downward spiraling relationship with Japanese devs due to censorship, even though Xbox would do the same thing.)

    While I genuinely don't think anyone should ever be an early adopter due to mechanical issues, hardware revisions and overall pricing, I won't lie in saying both consoles look like a nice as fuck pickup. I think Xbox has a compelling offer with the Series S, I think Sony has done a great job in improving the PS4 controller design and adding in standout features to the software/hardware of the system, and that for once I think it's going to be somewhat equal footing on this one, at least for the first year.

  8. Gamespot, there’s an issue with XSX regarding its support for Dolby Atmos for hometheaters. Many users are reporting noticeable audio lag when enabling Dolby Atmos for hometheater with their soundbars. This problem has been existed since Xbox one x, and still not fixed. Dolby Atmos is a killer feature for XSX/S, but at current state it is an obsolete feature.
    Despite many users reportings at the Microsoft forum, this issue is still not being addressed. Please look into this matter and let MS know the problem..

  9. The one Exclusive I can think off that is only on Series X/S and not Xbox One is The Medium, which is coming in January. Scorn is another coming next year that is Series X/S only

  10. This is junk and a complete waste of money it is slightly faster than the one s and the graphics are slightly better. The controller has a 90 day warranty mine mess up in 95 days. It also does this random green pixel thing that makes me turn it off and just walk away. I literally feel like Microsoft robbed me

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