Xbox Series S Review

The Xbox Series S is a cute, compact, and cheaper console that’s capable of next-gen experiences, but it comes with some major trade-offs.

In an unprecedented move for a console launch, two options are available when it comes to new-generation Xbox systems: The powerful and fully equipped Xbox…

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  1. I have a PC with Ryzen 7, 32 gigs of ram and an RTX 2070, so I'm kind of banking on those heavy hitters to be Windows 10 games, I literally just got a Series S to be able to enjoy anything left over from that.

  2. The lack of a disc drive and the small storage size combine to destroy any appeal this system could have to me. The PS5 has games I want but due to the price I'll be waiting. I need a 4K Blu-Ray Player in the meantime though and this would have been a no brainer if it functioned as one thanks to the low price. Instead I'll probably get a One S or One X to be my 4K player.

  3. I would be stunned, and seriously impressed, if with all these “Series S” and “Series X”s mentioned so close together so frequently this video took only one take.

    Seriously though, how many takes did you get tongue tied Michael?

    Ima guess at least 10.

    Such a joke of a naming scheme.

  4. I have a 4k tv and I love my Series S! I haven't had an Xbox system since the very first. I've been Sony since then. But decided to make the jump back to Microsoft. And I love this little white system. And when I bought it, I got a 2TB External drive with it as a package! And it's amazing!

  5. Love how they got almost everything wrong saying horza runs at 1440p while 1080p and yakuza like a dragon being 1080p at 900p LMAO that is why Digital Foundry is needed

  6. This is such a perfect thing with the Game Pass..kudos to Microsoft for convincing a Ps player to buy an Xbox too

  7. All my games are digital. I haven't used a disc in forever. I game share with my brother. Between my 100 games and his 100 games plus free games with gold, game-pass, EA play. Bruh! Games galore?. Series S me please.

  8. In other words keep your One X which is more powerful is many ways even with older architecture. Because frankly there won't be any next gen only games for quite a while.

  9. In my country gamepass is about 1$. And when it comes to buying games I will use Argentinian region in which games are a lot more cheaper than other regions. For example people preordered cyberpunk 50% off the original price. And I am not talking about when there are discounts. Discounts+Argentina region = Far Cry5 for 10$

    Though ps have some exclusives you should still pay 80$ to play them. So Xbox absolute winner in my case.

  10. I played both optimised games (gears 5) and non-optimised games (NFS Heat and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order). Non-optimised ones looked bad, too much jagged edges, poor colours and depth). Gears 5 (optimised) looked great.

  11. Since my TV is 43" FHD Smart TV, Xbox Series S is perfect for me + including the 3 month Game Pass Ultimate & discounted 3rd party SSD (in addition to my Nintendo Switch v.2, ROG Phone 3 & ROG Zephyrus G14) are already sufficient gaming experience for me. 😀

  12. A a long running PlayStation up to the ps4 player I have next gen to the xbox over the new ps5 anyway I got a pc instead of a new PlayStation but now seeing the cheapness of the series s, I really want to give it a go

  13. I own a ps5, but I purchased the S simply for the gamepass. It’s honestly one of my best purchases. It’s cheap and it is also good for people like me who don’t work a lot due to college

  14. OK so I bought a series S to replace my Xbox one S Here’s a tip for you if you’re worried about your disk Drive being gone in the series S. OK here it goes. …….Just keep your old Xbox. Yup just that easy and you’ll still be able to play your old games on your old console That you already just happen to have.

  15. I already have a ps4 and I'll be getting a xbox because I just don't wanna get a another playstation console

  16. I’m a very casual gamer. I don’t play a ton of games, and I’m not looking to blow $500 on an X when I don’t have a super high end TV. Plus I already have a 2TB external drive. This is perfect for me.

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