What Is DLSS And Should You Use It?

Heard of DLSS but not sure what it is? Watch this video to learn all about it and why it’s great for running games on 4K displays.

If you’re a PC gamer you might have noticed a new setting popping up in your games as of late, DLSS. And because you clicked on this video then you probably saw…

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  1. To be honestly I don't see that a lot of difference that makes you change your mind I guess everyone telling me to get the 1660Ti and not RTX 3050Ti were right after all

  2. Thank you, Makes total sense, i just bought god of war for pc, good lord, it looks amazing with DLSS on. I have 3060 for now, and very very happy with the card… Great and Helpful Video.

  3. With a decent computer setup I'm getting 190ish fps on native 1440p playing warzone. Is there any point in lowering the resolution and enabling dlss if the fps is already that good? Do you lower the monitor resolution and game resolution or just game resolution?

  4. Concise and straight to the point. Great explanation, easy to understand!
    Thank you for this video, it helped me out a lot in understanding what DLSS is, and technology is a beautiful thing :')

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