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We Played As Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077

Join Liana Ruppert as she takes you through her impressions of her latest hands-on play session in Night City and Cyberpunk 2077! Has the driving and shooting improved since we last saw the game? How does it feel to play as the one and only…

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  1. People here love to remind everyone this is an rpg not a shooter. Id like to think you'd be absolutely able to turn it into a shooter if you choose. From everything I've seen with the different life path choices, this game allows you the freedom to play it as you want. That's the beauty of cyberpunk. Stop with all that reminding and play that shit how you want to.

  2. She said she didn't want to spoil it but didn't the video clips in the background show us exactly how we play as silverhand ? Or is that from promotional material?

  3. Just so you know, Johnny Silverhand(Keanu Reeves) is a total asshole(the character, not Keanu) . You can either befriend or be a dick to him, and he responds accordingly, and I guess that you might get a different ending depending on your relation with him.

  4. The release on December 10th, is that the upgraded ps4 version that the ps4 players get for free or is it an entirely different thing that you have to pay for?

  5. The release on December 10th, is that the upgraded ps4 version that the ps4 players get for free or is it an entirely different thing that you have to pay for?

  6. Aww man Game Informer is honestly the best in game journalism. They're not cringey, they're sensible, they're original.

    It's such a shame their channel isn't as well known as IGN or Gamespot because they're really like the best.

  7. Witcher 3 was a buggy mess on launch, but no one remembers that now. I feel it's gonna be the same here. Story will be top notch, that much I'm sure of, and that's why I'm getting this game.

  8. Of course your low level character has shit aim, recoil and handling etc. Complaining about shooting mechanics this early on, is dumb, you're not supposed to be good from the very start. So far I do not see any negatives with the game, outside possible bugs, shit like this is why mainstream outlets are considered a joke by gamers. With this game its not just stats either, visual animations, accuracy, weapon handling and recoil, all improve over time as your character gets more proficient with their chosen weapon types, CDPR have said this numermous times over the course of the coverage of this game.

  9. I dont get the extra hype its first person and I know I'm not the only person who hates first person games.. what mind control is in this, why everyone trying to force me to think this game is the future??

  10. I would think that everyone would want to re-play at least 3 times — once for each life path…

    I fully expect this game to become my new favorite game ever, honestly. My current (soon-to-be-replaced) favorite is Deus Ex. I have played that game probably half-a-dozen times start to finish, with different play-styles, different augments, etc., etc. I've experienced all of the endings at least once. And even though that game has been out for 20 years now, I still haven't found anything that comes even close to its feel — but I'm expecting that Cyberpunk 2077 will beat it handily. I certainly hope so.

    I can't wait!!

  11. Stupid game reviewers that never heard of bugs and glitches
    But that's a critic I have for all "game critics"
    (and that they suck at most games)

  12. I'm sorry but it is hard to listen to someone's opinion about a games mechanics when they literally said that they have to have someone else play certain parts of other games for them because it is too difficult for them. Wtf!?

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