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The Xbox Series X/S Review

Join us as we step into the next generation of consoles with our Xbox Series X/S review! Does Microsoft’s new machine live up to the hype? Find out that and more as we lay out the highs and lows of the newest Xbox systems.

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  1. is the demand for backwards compatibility so high that "old games looking great" are enough to satisfy people? so many videos out there praising the series X for running 360/one games smoothly and quickly. was there really any doubt? are we back to being wowed by the Nswitch playing 8-bit nes games? or 2020 gaming PCs running witcher 3? the ps5 at least has the dualsense controller which makes it the more innovative console vs the series x.

  2. If I have a high end PC, is there ANY reason at all to buy an Xbox? I feel like it’s counter intuitive considering they’re both basically Microsoft devices. I think PS5 is the only smart choice here for those exclusives. But even Sony’s announced that they’re going to be releasing their exclusives slowly on PC. So yeah, I don’t see a point to consoles anymore. My Switch gets a lot of use though, cuz Nintendo.

  3. Did this man say the most compatible console ever? He must be forgetting the PS3 exists. OG PS3 played all PS1 and PS2 games, and has compatibility with even PS5 accessories now lol. Thing could use SD cards, PS1 and PS2 memory cards, Every single disc type at the current time but HDDVD which was inferior to bluray. Any control type just worked. That thing was definitely the most compatible console of all time. It was 100% BC and is still adding compatibility with things. Had a big variety of crossbuy and crossplay titles before xbox acted like it was some new xbox thing lol.

  4. I like that the new gen hardware has different looks – the Xbox goes for a more rectangular while PS5 is more curved. The Series X seems big but doesn't look as big as the Xbox One was when it launched. I kinda like both Series X and Series S' look. I'm not 100% sold on the PS5's look.

  5. 5:30 – "with minimal pop-in" – and then show footage an enemy appearing in Control 😀 I don't know if it's a pop-in or that just how these enemies work in game.

  6. Is no one gonna mention the series x overheating to cindering hot to the touch? Also it's pretty obvious they only made the series s cause their apu bin rate was so high it would have caused them a massive loss

  7. I'm hearing the same thing all around in that the Series X is a beast of a console with no games to show what it can really do at launch…or in the immediate future. Back compat is great but I personally think I'll wait until Fable or some new Bethesda games drops for me to feel the need to pick up this console. Also, the Series S is looking more and more like a bad idea unless they revamp it with more internal storage for the same price OR external storage drops in price significantly as compared to the console.

  8. Was this just supposed to be an advertisement? It didn't feel like you really went in depth. How much a difference did you notice between the S and X? Did you play any next gen games that push the consoles, or only the standard current gen fair?

  9. Is worth uograde from Xbox one s to new Xbox series if i only have 4K TV with 50Hz? The other issue is when i play Xbox on projector im using optical cable that is connected from Xbox into my logitech 5.1 sound system. How do i connect the sound when it does not have optical out? Any audio converter will help ? Im in hard decision should i buy the new Xbox x or stay with lód Xbox one s.

  10. Im really confused as to why you guys gave the PS5 a better rating when it appears that overall the xbox series x is better just based off of your reviews

  11. One of the biggest companies, you telling me they don't have a dedicated system design team that couldn't come up with something better than a FUCKING RECTANGLE?!? The 360 looks better than this, the ps5 looks light years better, ps5 design ain't perfect but it has effort written all over it unlike this crap. Fire everybody who had anything to do with the design choice and never hire them back. Also I want them arrested asap no questions asked extra tight handcuffs straight to max security prison.

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