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The PlayStation 5 Review

Join us as we step into the next generation of consoles with the Game Informer PlayStation 5 review!

The new generation is upon us, and Sony has come out swinging with an incredibly powerful new console to stake its claim on the gaming…

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  1. late reply but since I complained about Stadniks reading of the xbox series and how he sounded like a hype/pr man reading for microsoft, I gotta say this Alex guy here does a much better job. If Stadnik read it, he'd be saying it like "Sony has come out SWINGING, with an INCREDIBLY powerful…etc" .so good job new alex

  2. I remember getting my PS4 for Christmas, and a few months in, it would sound like a jet engine switching on wherever I’d play any game. 5 years later I got the PS4 PRO thinking I wouldn’t have to her that cursed sound again. Turns out, I was wrong. The fan still made the same sound. Never gonna forgive Sony for their downright awful Fan and Thermal paste application. Here’s to hoping the PS5 stays silent a few months in.

  3. Mmm, I wonder why no one sinlge youtuber is saying both ps5 and series x do not run 4k native 60fps (as companies claim) on next gen games? Oh, I think I know the answer = $$$$

  4. I’ll wait till next year just like our new president. I don’t see anything really worth getting for the PS5 other than the Spiderman morales game but that too will be available for PlayStation 4.

  5. Funny how in this PS5 review, you left out the lack of games to enjoy on it for now, but took time to mention that bit on the SeriesX review severally.

    You also left out the lack of day 1 external SSD support too.

    Just weird.

  6. Have you guys had any issues copying any PS4 games to your PS5 SSD drive… only game I’m having trouble with is Ghost of Tsushima(Error code CE 100005-6 Can’t copy message comes up)and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue…

  7. I’m hearing there are a few problems with the ps5. Locking up etc.
    So for me I’m gonna give it a full year before buying one let them iron out the problems.

  8. since you can't play ps1-ps3 games, I won't get it…If I wanted to play ps4 games, I'll just continue to play on the ps4….They lead us on with the backwards compatibility hype.

  9. First video of yours I have seen and this review was better than any other I have seen so far on YouTube for the PS5

  10. It’s not necessarily the CPU and RAM that leads to the fast loading times, but the insanely fast SSD soldered onto the actual motherboard itself. All PS5 games are required to be installed on the internal SSD. You can still install PS4 games to an external SSD or HDD though.

  11. Too many buts for my liking, You say BUT toooo many times, Sounds like your just using " But" just to join two sentences together, Its hard to tell because of your over usage of the word.

  12. So after about 2 weeks with it I can honestly say this really feels like next gen. PS4 was amazing no doubt but at launch or within the first few months it didnt feel next gen if that makes sense. The controller is amazing, graphics are just gorgeous and the SSD is what they hyped it up to be but the storage does suck cause I got alot of PS4 games that I havent beat yet and I can only play so many and the launch lineup is pretty good as well. If you have one I advise you to get spider man cause that game really shows what this machine can do but I'm sure you've heard that before lbvs. The UI is nice, few gripes with it but none that would make me not like it entirely, wish they kept the social aspect of it though, I liked seeing what friends were playing and their progress.. but I imagine that will come soon rather than later. The loading times are amazing as well it feels like I'm gaming on cartridge based consoles cause there is barely load times if any on some games. I know I'm 2 weeks in but I'm giving it a 9 out of 10 just because I really feel like I'm diving into a new experience. Cant wait to see this machine evolve.

  13. 120fps/4K??? Um no, you lit have to choose between 30fps at 4K or 60fps without 4k, ray tracing & other graphical features which sucks. These next gen consoles were advertised 60fps at 4k even 120fps & 8K capabilities, I don't see it yet.

  14. I’ve miraculously purchased a PS5 just the other day, it’ll be mine very soon. Can’t wait to get my hands on that Dual-Sense. ??

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