PS4 Pro vs PS5: Ghost Of Tsushima

Want to know how much of a difference a PS5’s optimization patch adds to your PS4 games? Check out this comparison of Ghost Of Tsushima, running on PS4 Pro and PS5 with the latest patches.

Much has been made about the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. Sony has…

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  1. I play on a 2k monitor with a PS5 and it runs like shit I don't know why but is not even 30 fps even on 1080p

    Edit: Seems the game needs an update that it stated as a "Network" update for some functions but it was totally a performance update because now it runs like heaven. I don't get why this game needs to get an update to run smoother like the game should tell that is a PS5 and run smoother and the PS5 should be intelligent enough to use its whole potential rather than be capped. Is like if in PC I swap from a gtx 970 to a 2080 and the game to run smoother would need an update, non sense but no idea why is this. Maybe console things…

  2. Practicamente no ay diferencias, y hasta por momentos la PS4 pro se ve mejor. Será mejor esperar a que salga algún exclusivo para ps5, mientras seguiré con mi PS4 pro. 😁

  3. you see, it's just different in fps. how stupid of you all listen all? if you have a 4k led tv that has true motion features by playing ps4 pro it must be the same as ps5 60fps. I must be true.

  4. if your wondering why is 1:00 is delayed. is because loading times depends on your fps and wifi if its online mode. due to the ps5 high fps. the thing went smoother and load faster. and i do not want to hear any arguements in the replies please. thanks

  5. Techwiz0 on Instagram finally got mine fixed now and now working perfectly fine with,I'm so grateful to the person that recommended him here I don't know you but thanks

  6. I have the ps4 pro. And cannot see any point in buying the ps5 for the next year at least. Why buy the PS5 and play last gens games on it?

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