Phil Spencer Talks Xbox, Halo, Elden Ring, and More

At this point, you know how the story goes. The Xbox One had a tumultuous launch and presented itself as something other than what its fans wanted. However, fast-forward to today and, as a brand, Xbox is the healthiest it has been in many years. This it thanks to a realigning of strategies that…

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  1. I don't have really any allegiance to any console I don't hate PS at all I definitely prefer Xbox but I'm way more excited for the Xbox timeline. Not only because of the Zenimax deal which is huge. But they acquired many great studios over the years and all those studios are finishing their games up which is really exciting.

  2. It may just be me but does anyone else think this interviewer is a full Playstation fanboy and was trying to get a bad reaction from Phil with some of his wording? Like I said could just be me that's just the vibe I got from him. Never heard of this guy before so I don't know.

  3. Knowing they are on it since ringed city.. the planet is really still not prepare for what they are preparing. Imagine a game 5 Times better than bloodborne ou DS3..!!

  4. I have got point where does matter if play new console if was new forza game ever year I won’t done we back 360 I play new console do fact take complete download any game even with fast internet

  5. phil bringing up blue dragon was so crazy for me lost one of the disc and couldnt finish it. would love to see it on gamepass one day!

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