Miles Morales' Powers And Abilities

(Presented by PlayStation) Just like Peter Parker, Miles Morales can do everything a spider can, but he can also do so much more! We breakdown the unique powers Miles has at his disposal, from his bio-electric venom strike, invisibility, and more!

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  1. This game literally made Peter Parker's Spiderman useless lol. Why the fk would I play as a generic spiderman who got couple of extra gadgets instead of a Spiderman that has bioelectric and camouflage abilities? WTF

  2. OMG! Who friggin Cares! They're tryin to jack me 60 bucks over a 7 hour friggin solo player. I can't even muster the interests to pirate this bullshit!

  3. I hope they would have given peter parker organic web instead of mechanicle, but give miles morales his venom strike for example. Giving each of them different powers depending on their personality and character would be interesting. That way each one of them has his own benefits, and one isnt necessary better than the other.

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