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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review – An Electrifying Second Act

The PlayStation 5 is nearly here, and with it comes a launch lineup featuring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. Join us for our review of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and watch as we tell you whether or not Insomniacs’ newest title is worth…

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  1. so its half the length of the first game. and how expensive is it? i got the first game for 30 euro so it would be weird to pay more for this one 😀 gotta wait for the ps5 to be available again anyway, so i guess i will wait a year for this to be cheaper.

  2. Literally other than ray tracing i see nothing different and i dont if its just me or whoever else but I literally dont see a difference in the graphics

  3. i finished spiderman ps4 yesterday and i finished it in roughly 9 hrs. without all collectables and side missions. i've heard that this game is abt 10 hrs long so im so confused now?

  4. What I really like is the hole winter time setting. If you can change the time like the last game or it’s a day and night cycle then sunset and sun rise will be the best with venom powers and snow.

  5. I feel like the enemy encounter sizes might be due to Peter being more experienced and can handle more than a few baddies and if so that’s a cool touch

  6. Ugh I can't get over how the new Peter looks. He freaking looks younger than Miles and Miles is supposed to be the apprentice!
    Also, the length of the game is half of the first? I'll happily wait for that price cut

  7. * Why did Insomanic nerf the Sportswear suit? It's supposed to be an inspiration from "Into the Spiderverse Hoodie" Look at Spider-man: Miles Morales "The Art Of The Game" by: Matt Ralphs. There is a clear difference in the coloring in the game v.s. the book cover. Why did they got lazy & not put in more effort to have it the same suit as book cover? Please SPREAD THE WORD about this issue.

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