How Sex and Relationships Work in Cyberpunk 2077

Building relationships with the citizens of Night City plays a huge role in Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay. Phil Hornshaw breaks down how it works, what sex is like in the game, and how you interact with Keaunu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand. 

He talks about building a relationship with a braindance…

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  1. Since you all at gamespot turned off comments on your cyberpunk review I came here to tell you I will never watch another video of yours. I came
    Here, hit pause, and wrote this. Your cyberpunk “review” is appalling and I encourage anyone who agrees with me to consider whether or not that review might need reported in their eyes. We can’t comment so all we can do is downvote. This “journalism” is not journalism and is embarrassing and unacceptable.

  2. 'game journo's'…. right… these are dropout journalist students that are upset coz they consider gaming 'work' with enormous disdain and resentment…. you know, this is why cyberpunk didn't reach out to game journo's for a review, coz no gamer really bothers with game journo's…. they aren't critics, they are political activists that can only see 'ists' and 'phobes' everywhere they go and are particularly obsessed with your sexual orientation for some reason. Pssst Gamespot, gamers aren't interested in your political view. Imagine that you can review a game that is much anticipated by gamers and all you can talk about is the sexual relationship… it's a game, not a fucking romance you fucking morons!

  3. So there's nudity and simulated sex but it does nothing to advance gameplay or storyline? Sounds legit. Why even bother other than to have it for children and corrupt them?

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