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How Do Virtual Escape Rooms Work?

The Game Informer crew took a (digital) field trip to a virtual escape room to figure out exactly how solving puzzles and completing challenges works over a video call. Join us as we take on the mantle of art thieves and try to steal back a…

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  1. Oh cool, this is the Escape Game in Nashville (could be another city if they have duplicate rooms). I’ve done the exact same one before and it’s super fun!

  2. This is really rad! And a great adaptation to the times, keeping these people employed and providing entertainment for people who are stuck inside. I think this would be great for families, especially those who aren't totally game savvy. I also totally appreciate the field agent's "ah!" every time they solved something. Super wholesome. Haha. Great piece of content!

  3. That's cool and all, but all of the escape rooms in my area are actually open for regular business, they just take an extra half hour cleaning the rooms after each use.

  4. I appreciate the need to diversify during the pandemic, but I would not find this fun. If it would have to be virtual, I would prefer the video game style of escape. Thank you for this video, though, so I know what I would be getting in to. The one plus I can see is that you could play rooms in other countries that you might not otherwise get the opportunity to play.

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