Godfall Review

Godfall’s monotonous structure is held together by punchy combat that can’t bear the full weight.

Godfall is out now on PC and PS5. You can read the full written Godfall review by Richard Wakeling on GameSpot.

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  1. The game is beautiful graphically, maybe this game can be new Melee Battle Royale exclusive to next gen consoles. Or add any multiplayer mode, add it on PSPlus and GamePass (maybe the multiplayer mode can be free like COD). Now is the only chance before many great next gen games released. Please, you already suffer from the failure of Battleborn, don't let this game assets being forgotten. You can add lore after the game already hype enough.

  2. Its what you make of it. Its monster hunter, warframe and borderlands. Ive had it a few days. I like being able to loot grind for a few minutes or if I have time hunt a boss. Yeah its not original but OMG, Diablo 1 took the looter title 20+ years ago. Just play it for a looter and its a blast. Building your perfect armor takes time, and has lots of options. Its not as bad as it sounds.

  3. a 5 isway too low in my opinion of course the game is not perfect by any strech but a 7 i feel is the rating it deserves. I mean videogame reviews are shit alaways and serve no purpouse so i really dont know why im even complaining about this review

  4. Very unpopular opinion: This is the game I've been most interested in and I've always thought that this game looked freaking amazing and from the videos and stuff that I've seen I'm still not dissapointed about it but I can totally understand why people doesn't find this game interesting enough

  5. This game get a 2/10 from me. It is so disappointing because if this game as actually done correctly it could have been great. The combat is the only redeeming quality, but even that gets repetitive after a few hours and comes with its own drawbacks. Hacker slasher degrades into running down small mobs in the perimeter of the arena, then waiting for the rest of the mid size or large size mobs to do an attack that can be parried, or do one that should be dodged, hit a weakpoint and get a couple hits in before spamming the disengage button to space out and avoid getting 1-shot by a 500ms attack from a mob on wakeup.

    There are so many bugs in this game that you would need to convince me it isn't still in alpha. Every time you parry there's a chance you lose the ability to light attack and you can't get your light attack back until you parry again, and its not always just one parry it could up to 5 or more parries before getting your light back. This almost always causes a wipe. Bosses mechanics range from fair and balanced to outright stupid and bugged. Only one weapon, the longsword, gives you any iframes and as such its almost necessary to beat certain bosses and subbosses that have unavoidable damage mechanics which on hard mode can do over 50% of your bar. Hammers are so slow you're lucky to get one hit in during openings and yet offer no dps boost compared to dual blades which can proc rampage and stack afflictions consistently. The only viable weapons I've used are longsword, dual blades, and polearm with one abusable weapon skill on hammers that create a 30% slow.

    There aren't any search features for your loot or equips and there isn't a mass salvage. How this was overlooked in a looter I do not know. But you spend several minutes after each mission individually scrapping everything that isn't yellow to get the main resource of the game in which every single gameplay mode requires as well as weapon and item upgrades. Most people run out and find themselves starved of the main currency by level 50.

    Long story short this is Anthem 2.0. A wonderful idea that was ruined by poor programming and untested development. I wish I could get my money back. Avoid this game until they release enough patches for the game to actually be finished.

  6. So pissed I got catfished. Seen this game on commercial thought I was onto something new and big, looks amazing but after all the critic and players reviews, nah lol

  7. To all that aren’t sure about this… from a more than average gamer, this game is actually really fun. The combats if really fun, it’s awesome trying to build a set around an element and weapons are actually really compelling to get. It’s not Division 2 lootmania, if feels great when you do get an awesome weapon. Its level up system will always make you debate what you should get next. All being said I’d def recommend to wait for a sale and you’ll have a great time with it, $70 is a no no. But 5/10??? That’s a watch all other reviews and be influenced. There are going to be some big fans of this game

  8. This game looks fucking gross. It can have all the fancy effects it wants, but the color choice and shine look horrible. I am genuinely confused how someone can like the visuals.

  9. Its not a live service game it has no microtransactions no in game store no virtual currency you can't even buy gear you will have to earn them via gameplay its a fuckin brilliant game the gameplay is god tier.

  10. I would have to disagree with this reviewer. This game it's not what they're making it out to be. For instance Assassin's Creed Valhalla had multiple different studios in different countries working on it at the same time guess how many people worked on God fall 75 people. Worked on godfall it was an incredibly small group of people it was their first AAA game ever released from their Studio but none of these reviewers are going to tell you guys the truth. They're going to smash the game and salt it and not be honest about what's really going on. Right now God fall is on sale I would highly recommend picking it up and f*** these reviewers

  11. I just bought this game, it’s siiiiiiick. I like it better than Demon Souls. And I don’t care if dying doesn’t have a consequence. It’s actually better that way. It gives you a second to rethink how you’re engaging in the fight and then start again.

  12. Game looks great. Too bad they didn't make this an mmorpg with dungeons and that sort of thing. I really like the graphics and the fighting looks good but sounds very repetitive from the start. Definitely want to check this out but not for $60…

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