Firearms Expert Reacts To Iconic Call Of Duty Black Ops Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down iconic Call of Duty Weapons, including the Ballistic Knife, the G11 and the AN94.

The Call of Duty Black Ops franchise has an arsenal full of varied weaponry, many of which are based on…

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  1. I'd say you'd get 50m max in the game and probably 20-30 effective in reallity. Also i bet you could create a jig onto your tac vest to the reload ot one handed.

  2. Why does nobody ever mention how weird the FAMAS looks in bo1 and the other black ops titles. It looks way bulkier with a completely different sight system and a different charging handle. I haven't found any real counterpart of what is depicted in the game. And in other cod games the FAMAS is depicted in it's normal slim square looking form

  3. Firearms expert? I DOUBT it! A gun hating british vegan lefty that would fall over just from the recoil of my 12 year old girls compact .380. Im calling bullshit.

  4. Bullpup: action behind trigger.
    Anything that fits that description can also be defined as a bullpup.
    Also benefits from having a longer barrel, weight more balanced… but reload time slightly decreased

  5. If I remember correctly the Is ballistic knife used by compressing a Spring are illegal to own but you can have a ballistic knife that is used by using gunpowder is legal.

  6. On The ballistic knife:

    "Not at all practical, doesn't work how it does in the game, and just carry another magazine for your pistol."

    Jonathan Ferguson. Keeper of Firearms, Artillery, and The Truth. ?

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