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Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition On PlayStation 5 – New Gameplay Today

Join Jeff Cork, Joe Juba, and Alex Stadnik as they preview Vergil’s inclusion in Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and discuss how the game has been updated and changed for the PlayStation 5!

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  1. i like the idea of vergil creating a fake force edge as replacement

    but lore wise it feels like he is salty that dante has the original now fused with rebellion lol

  2. Guys the REAL QUESTION is
    as we know the force edge are metal silver on DMC 3 and DMC 4
    now Where is the DMC 5?
    well I guess we need to get used to MIRAGE FORCE EDGE

  3. "Exclusive Next Gen Version"

    There's nothing exclusive about it. It's on Series X, PS5 and PC. Vergil is also on XO and PS4.

    And if you somehow mean the "exclusive" upgraded version, then what's the point? You uploaded it in 1080p. Failure all around.

  4. I have over 40m orbs having replayed the game several times on dmd and i really hope i can just jump in and buy all of his moves on the go. The highlight for me for the dmc series has always been playing dante must die with S ranks. I dont wanna have to unlock the movesets one by one again.

  5. He needed more weapons. Seems like he's just dmc 4 se Vergil with a new devil trigger, a few new moves and better graphics. Not worth it imo.

  6. is costume super vergil available?
    is a new cutscene for vergil for stage? i hope there add it
    and change bgm bury the light for stage 19 or 20 🤣
    and one more is i hope vergil can travel using yamato sword like cutscene alpha and omega 🤭

  7. i think games need to start getting to the point where the sword just slices through enemies like butter. Why does no one want that in games yet.

  8. Jesus Fucking Christ, can Sony please work on getting first party games on the PS5? This is 100% going to be a repeat of PS3 having no games; I have no incentive to get an Xbox because I have a PC, but when the launch titles consist of a remake, full-price DLC, and a kids game, along with another game that got delayed to 2021, it's the future isn't looking very bright for Sony. PS5 is already less powerful because they stuck with a traditional console form factor (Series X is shaped like a Mini ITX computer because of the thermals that the components will be generating) which prevents them from running the components at higher clock speeds. Thank god nothing big comes out exclusively on PS5 right away, since 3 times now I've been fucked by online pre-orders despite waiting online literally all night. Sony is growing complacent, and the cracks are becoming apparent.

  9. give the game to a person who knows how to play and actually appreciates the game not some dumbass who doesn't even give a shit and is only trying it out because its his job.

  10. What do you mean this is not a story driven game. Yeah sure gameplay is king here , but , to say that it is not story driven is a bit too much. Except 2 , we don't talk about 2.

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