Demon's Souls Review

Bluepoint delivers a Demon’s Souls remake that is as much its own as it is From Software’s, and it shows off the power of the PS5 with it.

Tamoor played Demon’s Souls for 30 hours on a PlayStation 5 and plans to do multiple runs through the game. Both the game and console were provided by Sony.

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  1. I remember accidentally getting all white world tendencies when I first played this on PS3… I was amazed I managed to do this without trying… It's not that difficult… just stay in soul (dead) form till you're almost done killing a boss… use an item to get body back, then finish the boss = congrats you now have white world tendency for that level.

  2. Bit hesitant on picking this one up since I never really liked Souls games, Bloodbourne was a regret buy for me.

    Can safely say this game has 110% changed my mind, maybe its the graphics or the story or the grinding and looting or the challenges and puzzles but something different, i love this game, it is easily one of my favourite games of all time

  3. The people brave enough to work on this are heroes, and then the fact that they did it so right makes them geniuses. I’m so happy this game happened, thank you!

  4. Bloodborne was the game that made me buy the ps4 and now demons souls did the same with the ps5 😂

  5. Great review. I just picked this up last week. This is how all souls game should look and feel. Of course this is subjective, but I truly enjoy this game in every way.

  6. The game is great but a bit overwhelming for me. I will need a vacation to complete it and enjoy it

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