Demon's Souls PS5 Remake vs PS3 Original

In this latest comparison, we take a look at how the brand-new Demon’s Souls remake on PlayStation 5 stacks up against the original game on the PlayStation 3. Check out the similarities and the differences some 11 years later.

Developer Bluepoint Studios’ remake of Demon’s Souls is finally…

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  1. I hope for a remastered Bloodborne that actually runs at 60fps locked and has some bug fixes. Dark Souls 2 should get a Remake since the PS5 would actually be able to handle its intended size and concept. Dark Souls 1 can burn 🙂 2 re-releases that are somehow worse than the last and people still expect a proper remake, lol.

  2. still.. the graphic don't look like next generation to me. it looks similar to ps4 pro level.. even though it runs at 4k@60fps, details and physics are still ps4 level.

  3. After having played thru Dark souls 2 and 3 on Xbox One X and Ps4 they look as good this Demon Souls really doesnt do anything to make Ps5 a must have.

  4. The original looks so much better, the change in art direction ruins everything about the remake. Remake looks like a Saturday morning cartoon, this isn't even comparing the god awful "reimagined" soundtrack.

  5. I clearly remember seeing this game announced at TGS and like many, brushed it off as some generic RPG slasher. Then word of mouth spread, and I was clamoring to get a Japanese copy. Then they announced a publisher was bringing it to the US and it blew up. I put probably at least 100 hours on the PS3 version. So it’s amazing to see this completely remade on the PS5 and seeing the difference is striking. So to anyone who can get their hands on it, kick back, accept dying is part of the fun, and enjoy!

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  7. Only thing I don't think is better are the NPCs, everything else is stallar work. Its not bad work on the NPCs per se, but I think there are two problems. Firstly, the faces are too animated and don't fit in with the worlds tone, it feels more like face animation from a pixar movie or a game stylised in that way. The other problem is that the tone of their voices seem wrong to me too, its not as bad as the face animation difference, its really nitpicking but I wish they didn't sound as jolly/sarcastic, should be moe forlorn like the original, they are way beyond sarcasm lol. I say this having not played either of the games just going by this comparison and footage of the new version to hear the new NPCs voice, so it could well be that they the character is better suited to the new tone of voice. Really don't prefer the animations though, technically good, but tonally off-putting imo.

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