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Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 Review

The PS5 is here and with it comes the remake fans have been waiting on for years. In our Demon’s Souls PlayStation 5 review, we highlight how Demons Souls looks incredible and has some amazingly smooth combat at 60fps, but does it live up to…

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  1. What kind of lunatic picks the male body with the female run animation!? No way I could spend hours looking at that ridiculous run animation xD

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  3. alright so this year's goty nominees (imo)
    Cyberpunk 2077 (plss don't suck lol)
    Demons souls (ofc)
    Doom eternal (arguably the most fun game of the year)
    The last of us part 2 (don't know why) in case people are wondering, yes I played last of us.
    Ghost of Tshushima (had absolute blast)
    FF 7 (haven't played it yet but still people loved it)
    spider-man MM (IDK)
    and lemme know if I missed somethin'

  4. With games like Demon souls, FFVIIR, RE2 Remake/RE3 Remake and Shadow of the collosus its been great for someone like me who didn't experience these games way back when to understand why people really enjoy these titles and helps to get new people into these great games.

  5. Incredible. I’m so glad to see this game finally on a playstation platform. I’m so sick of Xbox getting all of the souls games. Hopefully they remake blood borne too

  6. Looks good but the game mechanics and what you actually do in the game is really boring. Not sure why invest time in such a primitive albeit good looking game

  7. Man, playing this at 60fps is such a massive step up from the feeling of other Soulsborne games on previous consoles. I beat Bloodborne and that game was great, but it going back to it now makes it feel so choppy and like everything is delayed. I think a lot of people, once they finally get new gen consoles, are really going to be pleased with gaming at 60fps all the time and having insanely fast load times. It's been quite the literal game changer when going from base PS4 to a PS5. Not to mention I'm finally able to see what my 4k tv is capable of. God I just love having a PS5! I truly hope everyone who wants one can get one as soon as possible, or if they want a Series X, I wish them luck too! I just want all my fellow console gamers to experience how incredible this new generation is

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