Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Episode 5 Livestream

On episode 5 of Night City Wire learn more about rockerboy Johnny Silverhand, a variety of Night City’s tunes and a lot more.

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  1. First Hollie, I could listen to you reading the Obits and love it. Second, anyone else see that Jali (sp) is not as great as they are making it to be. Being partially deaf I read lips a lot and the mouth movement when saying certain words is all wrong. No puckering for Ps and Bs, no bottom lip movement for Ss, etc… With MOCAP being what it is today, it just seems that it would have been easier to caption the mouth movements. Maybe we are not there yet idk, but I never saw this problem in The Witchers. Finally, I hope this game comes out before the end of the worst year of this Century so far, would be a nice Christmas Present and beginning of a new year to play a great game and forget this shitty year.

  2. I remember back in middle school being hyped by the reveal trailer at E3, I'm in college now on the path to being a game developer myself, and I'm still hyped. Just a few more weeks till we can all play this

  3. Omg its hollie. I haven't seen u since u moved on from playstation access. Im gonna go watch this whole series now. I always like yours and robs videos the most. Cant wait for cyberpunk 2077, love CDPR work

  4. This music score is not normal at all. It has the evolutionary vibe of hardcore industrial, rock and experimental giants, but without the pretentiousness of current mainstream artists. I love you guys for creating this universe.

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