Call Of Duty: Cold War Vs Modern Warfare – Which Is Better?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, are both in the same franchise, but are two very different shooter experiences. How does Cold War compare to 2019’s Modern Warfare, and which one is the better game?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest game in…

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  1. I don’t play multiplayer games and “Warzone” is an adult Fornite ; so campaign is what I look for . Both MW & CW had great campaigns, but Modern Warfare connected with me much more . The house raid, the little girl in the rubble and escaping with her brother, the highway sniper level , all felt real and sincere. Cold War was fun , but I didn’t quite understand the “try to remember” CIA mind hack thing going on .

  2. Mw good but not as good as people say the map selection is just ass played like 2 hours and got the same 6 or 7 maps others where made for different game modes got it but damm I only get a certain amount of maps

  3. They are both terrible call of duty games. Its crazy to me how the original modern warfare is better than both of these new games combined. I also hate how the new call of dutys reset your prestige every season I cant even get past prestige 1 before having my level reset. It takes so long to get into a match in the new call of dutys too and when I go back and play the old call of dutys I dont have a problem getting in a match.

  4. It's always been a black ops vs modern warfare thing. Black ops have always felt the same while modern warfare tries new things, which is high risk high reward. But you can't blame the black ops team to stick to what they know works.

  5. honestly i bought both if you want a more old school cod get bocw if you want something new while still sticking to the cod formula then get mw2019 cod bocw is something i would pick over cod mw 2019 just because of how fast paced it is.

  6. I love Modern Warfare more than Cold War
    Cold War is way too convoluted, and the storyline was too muddled
    It was easier to get invested in MW story, It was almost like Capt. Price, Ghost, Soap were real

  7. You are officially removed from cod fan community for calling ground war a "Battlefield", you should be now stripped from all your skins and other grindable stuff.

  8. Im playing vanguard heaps at the moment but am getting bored of the stages…. and havnt played cod in years untill recently and i dont like warzone.

    Out of these two which would be most similar multiplayerwise and do they both still have plenty of online players? and are they both cross platform?


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