Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Multiple Endings Explained

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has multiple ending scenarios for its single-player campaign. Let’s take a look at each one.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has a few endings to its single-player campaign mode. Players are given the option to save the world by…

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  1. Hey this is not the ending the Lie ending is the good in call of Duty we never see a map in europe! Is just a teory i want to share!

  2. Yo America can’t lose! TOUGHER AND STRONGER than any other country. ask Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia how that went.

  3. So its essentially save millions of people at the cost of your life, or kill millions of people as a result of being loyal to your country.
    That is one shitty situation to be in.

  4. I honestly think all the endings are bad endings, 2 of them you'll die in and another you'll live but you kill Woods and Mason, all the endings you find out you were brainwashed and manipulated.

  5. I personally sided with Perseus and did the ambush thing. Werea bit pissed at Adler for lying to me, I'm glad to see hat even if I chose to help him he'd just shoot me in the head.

    Although I were saddened when I had to kill Lazar. He was the only nice one :c

  6. I would have chosen the second ending if thousands of innocent lives weren’t at risk , you know the nuclear threat. At least let me punch Adler in the face

  7. I liked ending number 2 more that first one never made sense to me how Adler would take you out after deciding to help them

  8. Wtf do the last 2 Call of Duty game characters look like they’re standing in front of a 90’s green screen. They look great but not completely in the scene.

  9. Lol cia is messed up I choose good ending because i thought I could team up with the good guys since they treated me like family and even gave me a new life but they still killed me anyway

  10. What made this campaign special is that you had the option for things not to end up well,(which I chose) and found it the most interesting option rather than your basic happy ending.

  11. the second ending is bad = communism the 2 ending is the best one and also the one that won the actual l cold war but was different in real life

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