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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Review

In this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review, Game Informer’s Dan Tack explains why Black Ops Cold War isn’t defined by one standout mode; like its predecessors, it launches a trifecta of exciting experiences. This year’s CoD release features…

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  1. It’s garbage and feels like ur playing infinite warfare,the guns should’ve been updated even if were using older guns,the multiplayer is really bad and boring and feels to slow the graphics are semi good and the reload speed for guns are bad and if I had to choose between this and modern warfare I’d said modern warfare beat it by far the best game of the year,the zombies was trash and didn’t surpass its predecessors,let’s just hope they patch the game and fixed the multiplayer and zombies and that it’s better then black ops 4,but In actuality they should’ve had all these patches done and they felt like they rushed it,this game should’ve been on the same level as modern warfare

  2. I never played any black ops games, I'm much more of a modern warfare guy – do you have to play other black ops games to understand this one's storyline?

  3. All these muppets in the comments excusing the devs because muh corona and other shite, remember all the excellent games that came out during the pandemic. They even gave treyarch extra studios and time. So no it's not all activision it's mostly you.

  4. This game unsynced my controllers and I can't resync them. My Playstation turns on and I can turn on my Playstation with my controller but the controller doesn't anything on the home screen. Thanks alot for such a trash game.

  5. @ 2:56 the enemy is literally skittering/teleporting. Not 5 seconds into the multiplayer talk. ?‍♂️ Exact reason why I won't buy this game. It's plagued with more issues than MW has currently(which is a lot).

  6. They should've just scrapped this game when it was in development hell, slapping the black ops name on cold war just to sell copies just gives blops a bad name. It just feels like a knock off cod that was supposed to be released as an Xbox 360 arcade game that people would still hesitate to spend 15 bucks on.

  7. To me it seems like they made the game worse since the Beta. I was raving about it throughout the beta, then the game comes out and it is absolute shit gameplay. I wish I did not waste my money. I will probably stick with playing modern warfare

  8. Hate the campaign smh. It was the main reason i got the game. It sucked and was hella short. If it was longer and explored the story more to actually finishing the mission of catching perseus. Like in past call of duty campaigns where it actually finished telling the story arc. It could've been a decent campaign

  9. In the Fracture Jaw mission, the PS4 controller does not work wirelessly. Maybe it's a bug. You must use the USB connection. Shut down PS4, restart PS4, switch controller to USB connection în PS4 Settings, then start the game. Note that the USB controller connection is often interrupted. Don't panic, just press the power button on the controller.

  10. I just got this game for my series x and I can't believe how huge this game is. After all the downloads, it does a few, the game needs 240gb. Is that right ? Or what's going on.

  11. This is a fluff piece. Idiotic to its core. I hated zombies in bo1 and winced everytime someone asked to play it. It is the only redeeming quality of this game for me. I am uninterested in the campaign because multiplayer is so trash that i just get infuriated playing 3 rounds of it. If it wasn’t for warzone and the fact these guns are undoubtedly going to be apart of the meta i would be demanding a refund for the worst first person shooter i have ever played. And yeah i can back that up.

  12. This game lacks content big down grade from 5years ago not worth money sbmm and hit
    Hit detection has ruined it Treyarch didn’t make this cod

  13. 5:05

    What… what the fuck do you mean? Sure Zombies mode itself is “tried and true” why change that? But the way it operates is perhaps the most unique, new, and different it has EVER been.

    Clearly a guy who takes a year off COD once and a while, and didn’t play enough to notice this clear point, and wanted to rush out this 6 minute review ????

  14. The game has a great game but it’s epic game it’s epic and the graphics lookin pretty good game it’s really just a good game it’s just gonna like ya cut it up up and the zombies mode and the zombies are zombies zombies mode and the multiplayer remastered game is epic and I can’t wait til the zombies mode and I can’t even remember the word mode of game I like it but it was really

  15. This game would be a lot better if they ended the "free trial" so the people that paid for the game could play lag free. Servers are overloaded and under powered. It would also be nice if they kept their promise to end the cheating. Really rampant in these games. The console auto aim is annoying enough without the added scripts running.

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