Broken PS5s and Xbox Series Xs: Should You Be Worried? | Generation Next

With reports that some brand new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are arriving broken, disc drives are acting up, and consoles are crashing in Rest Mode, the Generation Next gang discuss what it’s like to be an early adopter of new hardware.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are out now and,…

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  1. SO, i use my ps5 at least 4 hours a day since launch, the only issue i had was after updating shadow of the tomb raider, the game crashes every few minutes. After i deleted the update everything went back to normal

  2. i ended up with the HDMI issue when PS4 1st come out and it fully died 3 weeks after 1 year warranty ran out sony wanted £175 to fix it i ended up just buying a new one.. im not upgrading it yet

  3. Like av said for day 1 the finally announced the ps5 to come out in November. I’ve been telling people don’t rush in a spend yourself silly.


  4. Yes, always pretty much every time a new system comes out there is issues of some kind, that become a bigger headache then it was to get it on its release!

  5. XBSX shuts down randomly and only with 1-2 hour game play sessions in COD Cold War and PUBG. The console itself feels overheated. Only customer support has been to “make sure it has clearance on all sides”, which it does. Hoping it is a SW or firmware fix and not a defective system.

  6. Hey there, i have been watching your videos for quite some time especially the xbox series S ones… I would like to inform you regarding something you have failed to mention and that is regarding the game sizes, for example sea of thieves was supposed to be about 17gb on xbox series S and 47 gb on xbox series X, but since I'm an xbox series S owner, i can confirm that the size of sea of thieves on series S is 46gb… Similar stuff was also announced for Gears 5 but nothing has happened yet, so i request you to check the sizes on both series S and series X, since you are making videos on both of them and make a comparison video.. because microsoft was beating a lot of drums regarding smaller sizes for games for series S… In case you have mentioned this and i have failed to notice please do lemme know

  7. I won't worry at all, because I wouldn't own either of them! Consoles have gotten to expensive and you are very limited and forced to "pay to play". I already pay for the internet, why should we pay to play because we bought your console and your greedy? PC is the way to go! If your going to fork down 500 to 1000 bucks, upgrade that graphics card for the same cost as a console. And then you can MOD your games ( And play the way YOU want to play), and do real work on your PC too! And you don't have to pay more to use the internet you already pay for! Yes, you miss out on the "exclusives" but so what. Most of the time they make their way to PC sooner or later or they don't. Also, This is the first generation of these new consoles. I recall the first year of the previous generation and it was a hot mess. And then they force you to buy two or even three upgrade models! Xbox One, Xbox one S, Xbox One X. at 500 bucks a pop VS one PC Graphics card.

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