9 Hidden PS5 Features

There are a bunch of hidden features in the PS5 that Sony hasn’t really shouted about just yet, so we’re going to run you through 9 of them, including Trophy changes, Accessibility options, and customization.

We know a lot about the PlayStation 5, like its graphical prowess, performance…

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  1. Please understand that the PS5 removes the most important accessability feature for the visually impaired: Zoom. Until magnification is restored, I cannot play my back catalog of games, let alone new ones.

  2. The first feature is essentially the xbox 360 star rating (which afaik nobody cared about)

    endorsments in overwatch are rarely ever used properly. Mainly you just give out good sport (the weakest endorsment) so it fucks off of your screen. I don't see this accolade system ever being bar the rare "You're a great fucking guy, wait, what's this thing? Oh, might as well give you an accolade."

    It's out of the way and previous examples of the same thing have flopped.

  3. I am not getting a Ps5. If you can play PS4 library on Xbox One. I can predict you can play Ps5 library on Xbox Series X. Cross platform gaming ruined modern gaming for me. The PS3/Xbox 360 was the last console gen where developers tried something new.

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