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8 BEST PlayStation 5 Features to Learn First

The PS5 has just released and many players are curious about how to set up the best settings for their new console. In this video, we detail the best PlayStation 5 features to learn first when you unbox Sony’s next-gen console.

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  1. I just got mine today and boy while it looks pretty it's hard to find things that were easy on ps4. Also just hitting the PS button once for the game bar instead of hold is gonna take a minute to learn

  2. I have 2 questions:
    With the PS4, if you had multiple profiles and one profile had a Ps + subscription all profile could take advantage of utilizing the service. Ie- going online, multi-player, etc. My second question, are you able to utilize games that other profiles have purchased and downloaded or would both profiles have to purchase the title? Ie, if Profile A had COD or Spider-Man, would profile B have to purchase the game as well?

  3. it's weird that they removed the communities feature that ps4 had they seemed to be popular but i think i know why it's probably because some people were posting let's just say graphic pictures and links to websites all the time so they probably got tired of reviewing all the reported posts

  4. The new ui is so much better in my opinion definitely doesn’t take a long time to pick it up feels like it’s operates in a way to get you straight into action

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