14 Mins Of Xbox Series S Gameplay – Doom Eternal, Gears Of War 5, Forza Horizon 4 And More

We play a handful of games on the Xbox Series S at 1440p. Get a glimpse of Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy XV, Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 5, The Outer Worlds, and Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

0:00 – Doom Eternal
01:52 – Final Fantasy XV
03:02 – Forza Horizon 4
06:25 – Gears of War 5
09:51 – The Outer…

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  1. Doesn’t look any different than the Xbox one X which has 6 Tflop and does 4K pretty easily on those games or at least close. Also I’ve never had a problem with the frame rates in the game so gorgeous. To me this series S is a step down The architecture of the Xbox one X may be older but it’s still great ??

  2. You know what demanding games on base console?

    Try Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC and feel that frame rate dips on the fog.
    it is a perfect subject for Series S/X graphic test

  3. I got a series s after trying to get a ps5. Never had a xbox so the all digital doesnt bother me at all with gamepass, plus ps5 will be my main console when those are available for retail price. After a few weeks using series s I am very pleased with visuals and gaming selection. Worth 300 US especially if ps5 will be your main system and are new to xbox ecosystem.

  4. They will discontinue the SS once the Next Gen ONLY titles are released. New architecture or not…..they can't afford to have a system holding those games back. Good idea, or maybe not to even have invented the SS

  5. My Xbox one finally broke after 6 years, forcing my hand to get a new console. My Series s supposed to be ready for pick up at Best Buy in 4 days. IT BETTER BE THERE on time cuz I cant wait any longer!

  6. Awaiting mine, should be at my door step any minute now, so psyched!

    Just wanted to check if I made right choice but looks like I should be happy, had to upgrade as my old Xbox one X was getting old stuttering, overheating and all,,,

  7. I am not sure – does series s support demanding games like cyberpunk, ac valhalla or odyssey, rdr2 etc. on 1440p 60 fps?

  8. Why people hate this console so much beats me ?‍♂️ fantastic hardware, and with SR coming games will run better but also look better

  9. I already have a PS4 Pro and PS5. I want one of these but can't justify buying one just yet since there aren't any games out from xbox that I should get a console for. I think I'll def get one eventually though, this is nice.

  10. Just got one for myself it was the last one gamestop had and I haven't had time to play it cuz I'm at dinner now then I gotta go to my aunt's house it's like I just want to play my game!!!!!!!!!

  11. Would anyone be willing to check my channel out!? I’ve only just started! If there’s gameplay you guys want to see let me know and I’ll be sure to get it to you! Thanks for your time!

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