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Xbox Series X Controller Impressions

Join Brian Shea as he gives you a full rundown of his Xbox Series X controller impressions and why he thinks this is one of the best controllers on the market today.

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  1. Yes, the Xbox Series X new controller works with the Xbox One, S, X and
    Series S.

    The new controller will also get a Firmware update for low latency for Xbox one etc.

  2. Controversial opinion, the 360 controller is better than the Xbox one controller. They made the bumpers too stiff and they reduced the circumference of the thumb sticks.

  3. Still too minimal for next gen. Sony made the right move in actually progressing controller features. People don't realize how much of a difference that will make in immersing you into your game experience.

  4. So not much difference from previous controllers? I’d would’ve expected more innovation and ideas to be implemented on controllers since it’s one of the most important piece of console. Well at least PS5 is changing it up a bit from their previous controllers making it more interesting.

  5. "New" controller. 7 years and barely any change, as if we've already reached peak input method. Couldn't even graduate to built-in battery or at least putting a rechargeable pack in the box. Pissed off about it a bit.

    Edit: oh the shoulder buttons are not like the shitty ones on the XB1 controller? Well, at least that's a positive I care about.

    Another thing. Is the logo dimmable? That shit is annoying when playing in a dark room. I don't want to buy a new controller and still have to black tape over the logo.

  6. How much can you improve on the XbOne controller, though? I mean, leaving Elite controllers aside which are clearly more costly, for a standard $60 controller the new changes were just what anyone would have expected. It uses USB-C, there's been some improvement on the D-Pad (likely based on the Elite controllers). The Share button is kinda unnecessary, but some people like that. I also think they made it slightly smaller, so that kids wouldn't find it too bulky. So, other than that, what do you add or change? I mean, looking at the DualSense, indeed those haptics thing, and the adaptive bumpers seem interesting, but are they going to be given some serious use, or will they end up like the touchpad that's mostly just a gimmick? I suppose someone might try fitting in six buttons instead of four, and that could be rather functional, but I think real changes should go beyond just gimmicks. Think of the Wii controller for example. It surely brought some innovation, but ultimately what remained was whatever that was practical.

  7. Can I just can any second opinion in the comments on how the shoulder buttons are. Did they remove the clickiness of it? Because I hate it. Especially when playing Valhalla and the attack buttons are the shoulder.. I feel the PlayStation controller feels better if the attack buttons are the shoulder ones

  8. Always find it funny when folks reviewing this controller complain about the AA Batteries. A pair of rechargeable Eneloops last me way longer on a single charge than the DualShock 4. Plus they’re more versatile than the play and charge kit since you can use them on any device that takes AA’s. So glad Microsoft stuck to AA batteries with the new controller.

  9. Damn this guy is long winded. The Xbox Series X Controller is more comfortable than the Dualsense, has better grip due to the texture, fits more hands better, and has better triggers. The Duelsense just feels too big and the grips are too slippery.

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