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Witness The Birth Of A Hero In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Even professionals need help sometimes. Join us as we witness the birth of a hero as Brian Horton, creative director at Insomniac Games, walks us through the moment Miles Morales steps into the spotlight and becomes his own version of…

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  1. Lame:
    1. African American Hero? Gotta add beat boxes to his theme.
    2. How do we show the new hero in our story as a strong hero? Show the old hero beaten and broken.

  2. The kamera angel when miles punches rhino kinda looks like the ending of the amazing spider man 2, only that they showed us the actual collision. If that's an indirect reference… awesome!

  3. Alternate reality in which Peter & Miles share the same powers:

    P: Miles get outta here!
    M: Back the hell off!

    Miles breaks his hand punching Rhino

    M: Why did I think that was a good idea?

    Peter Facepalms

  4. I will just buy this game to see more of peter as a mentor, Miles for me is a very boring character but lets see if that change in this interpretation

  5. so they nerfed spider-man and jobed rhino so the fake spider-man can shine…..yawn….get a better writer… way miles would landed that punch without breaking his hands, venom blast is just energy. they should had him flip rhino over by holding the horn and slam him to the ground then using the blast full power.
    that would be iconic moment….and get a new name for miles, in the original ultimate comics it was fine him being spider-man because he took the mantle, but here he is his own hero, he needs a callsign…..he is lucky black spider is already taken by a supervillain though lol.

    tarantula would really fit him well, he even use the colour scheme of the villain and both are puerto rican, would be nice to have him redeem the callsign and be a exemple for his people/country

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