Star Wars Squadrons Review

Involved flight mechanics and the pure joys of dogfighting fill Star Wars: Squadrons with plenty of highlights, even if its campaign and multiplayer experiences can leave you wanting.

Edmond completed the Squadrons campaign on PS4 in about 8 hours, spent an additional 15 hours playing…

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  1. Why oh why do SW games’ campaigns always have to show us someone defecting? Let the bad guys be bad guys for once, this is getting so predictable

  2. I don't know this doesn't look that appealing to me bc it just look like the star fighters mode from battlefront and that was bad so this just looks like a full game of that

  3. Those rapid fire lasers are not very Star wars. =/ They need to fix the fire rate. Also that speed boosting doesn´t belong here.
    Love old X-wing games but this looks awful.

  4. is this similar to rouge squadron 2? I enjoyed that game. I bought it day one. Played it a lot as a kid. The unlocks seemed endless.
    Or does it play like battlefront 2 ship levels?
    Ill prob pick it up anyways.

  5. I have never been a fan of multiplayer games, but man, this game has me hooked. I am busy with my 3rd campaign playthrough (bumped up the difficulty), but it is the 5v5 Dogfight mode that got me addicted. I absolutely love it. Especially the asteroid field. I agree that the Yavin map is not that fun. With my PSVR and Thrustmaster Hotas 4, this game really is the realization of a fantasy I have had for decades…I grew up on Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica and The Last Starfighter. I remember laying on my back and looking at the stars in the back of our station wagon as a child when we had to drive somewhere at night and imagining that the back window was my cockpit window…And now I sit at work every day waiting for the horn to blow so I can get home and jump into the cockpit of my beautiful little A-Wing….

  6. I would love to be able to CHOOSE to be a bad guy// How come so many think everyone has to be the so called good guy.. Isn't the bad guys the good guys in their way of thinking.

  7. Bought this game last night and spent 45 min playin on PS4 VR before I threw up… literally…. nerveless I did enjoy it a lot because I've been playing SW games since the early 90's (Rebel Assault, TIE Figher …. ) and this game really makes you feel you are actually there until yeah… you throw up because you loose the sense of time and space.

  8. Since its free on the ps store for this month, I decided to give it a shot. Its a good game. Not great or fantastic…just good. I mean I'm having some fun playing it, but if it was on my game rack, I would pull something else out to play. I'd rate it as a 3.8 on a 0 to 5 scale

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