PS1 to PS5 – The Evolution of PlayStation

Join us as we chronicle the history of PlayStation, from the launch of the original console in 1994, to the PS5 launch in 2020.

Correction: The PS3 didn’t require PS Plus to play multiplayer, that requirement came with the PS4.

We’re on the cusp of the PlayStation 5’s launch, so now is a…

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  1. I have had and played many ours on every console in USA since atari 2600 but the original 60gb PS3 with full backwards compatibility for PS1 & PS2 games is still my favorite” PS3 was the biggest graphics jump”

  2. Kinda sad to be a collector, everyone in the comments is talking about how nostalgic the startup screen is for the ps2. I don't feel this nostalgia as much because even though I played it all the time back then, I still play it all the time now as if it never died out in the slightest for me.

  3. Too bad PS5 still aren’t readily available a year after launch. I wonder if most people will be able to get their hands on a PS5 before the PS6 is announced. I think third party developers would e better off just skipping the PS5 completely.

  4. I'm a playstation fan first but I'm also a fan of nintendo but I've alway's liked the playstation since the PS1. Then when PS2 came out I really fell in love with playstation and I think the PS2 is one of the greatest console's ever made. I also love the playstation controller. I feel it's one of the best video game controller's ever. The playstation also has alot of great exclusive's as well.

  5. The weakest generational leap was PS3 to PS4. Seriously the PS4 was just horribly anemic in power. Like it was still using those ancient jaguar CPUs. The PlayStation 3’s cell architecture chip was more powerful than that. I would say textures and graphics are the biggest improvements for this generation but barely being able to run 30 frames per second was tough.

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