PlayStation 5 User Experience – Official First Look

Sony just gave us a first look at the PlayStation 5 UI, including some new features to look forward to when the console launches this November.

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  1. I've been a playstation fan since the beginning but for the first time I am really disappointed for this new generation :s

  2. Sackboy 30hz don’t even look like nextgen????‍♂️If this is a joke I’m watching the video in 4K.. look like PlayStation 4

  3. PS5 has showed Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Call of Duty Black ops cold war Multiplayer, Campaign, and zombies gameplay at a smooth native 4k 120fps, Dirt5 4k 120fps, Five Nights At Freddys Security Breach in 4k 60fps, Sackboy a big adventure in 4k 60fps, Destruction All Stars in 4k 60fps native

  4. Yo what happened around the 7 minute mark. Did they cut out all the title screens (where is shows like dev and publisher) when they started up the game, or is that skippable?

  5. They removed Wishlist… A lot of people use that feature to come back to games that they don't have money for now. I guess Sony just doesn't like making money.

  6. They just inverted the ui instead of making it better everything loads so shit and party’s and inviting by people are shit and the fucking software it’s self takes over 100gb

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