Official ZOMBIES First Look – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The next generation of Zombies is here. New story, New characters, New ways to play.

Get your first look at #BlackOpsColdWar Zombies.

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  1. bo2 was the last cod with good zombies after that everything was wack so hopefully they will not disappoint me this time

  2. Please stop adding zombies! Bring back extinction. And if you HAVE to add zombies atleast change them up. Space zombies / jungle zombies / mutant zombies etc etc. Not just damn nazi zombies Although I would say I think extinction is WAY BETTER.

  3. I really just want a challenging zombies experience again. It's been hard for me to enjoy zombies with all this extra help the game gives you.

    Now we have kill streaks in zombies. I might have an unpopular opinion but the least I would want is some "Iron Man Mode" where it's just the basics. BO1 perk machines, wonder weapons, that's it. Don't want any gobble gum bs, or some killstreak in black ops. I just want zombies

    Pistol start, no leveling. Least I ask is a mode for this with separate leaderboards.

  4. Honestly doesn't look that great for it to be the next gen COD. Shrug maybe I have high expectations for a $60 game plus nickel and dimed afterwards so I can keep up with the Jones

  5. "No more starting with a pistol" "previously the only way out was death. Our new exfil system solves this" Noooo! Why? Why do they not get what people like about their game!? It's a survival game that's literally the point

  6. Since Black Ops 1,Cod always means zombie mode for me. 10 hours or whatever of story mode and than 2000 hours of zombies with my mates.

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