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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – New Gameplay Today

Join Jeff Cork, Brian Shea, and Alex Stadnik as they check out some new gameplay from Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and discuss what fans of the series can expect when the game drops this October.

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  1. This is neat but I'm good lol… On the contrary, I'm excited about the Nintendo Land theme park Japan is working on. If they had some real world Mario Kart tracks, that would be awesome! They could implement AR stuff into the races too, like each kart could have a touch screen that let's you pick up virtual items and send shells and stuff at other players. Idk, I think it could be pretty cool 🙂

  2. People are going to come up with some crazy courses with these. I could see my self watching a lot of videos of this on youtube like when I feel into the rabbit hole and kept watching all those marble race videos for awhile haha

  3. My nephew just turned 4 and really likes the mario games on his switch.

    I'm absolutely going to get a pair of these RC cars for me and him. (I might have to make him luigi though, fair is fair lol)

    Also, tbh, I wasn't expecting the actual gameplay of this to live up to the initial trailer. But this gameplay video sold me. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us GI 😁

  4. Nintendo is friends with Microsoft now. I'm not sending Nintendo a home video of the inside of my house so they can pick apart my life and market it back to me. I seriously don't see the appeal here.

  5. its amazing how navigating the car through switch gives different experiencehe camera..thr car run slow in actual time, but when navigating through switch it felt fast

  6. This game looks trash! Why would anybody want to control a real remote control car in a game on their console. If this is big it will just show that Nintendo fans will literally buy any trash that Nintendo packs and sells which we do pretty much already know anyways.

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