Killer Clowns, Trekkies, And Other Weird Cyberpunk Gangs | Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

When you dive deep into the vast fiction of the Cyberpunk universe, you find some weird stuff. For example, there’s a gang of evil killer clowns and a group that cosplays as Star Trek characters. Wild! In this episode of GameSpot’s Cyberpunk Lore series, we’re delving into the weirder side…

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  1. "You don't even want to do the main story. You go off exploring down alleys to see what you can find"

    You find nothing.

    "Well you go into every building hoping to find some adventure."

    Yep, nope you can't do that.

    "You take a wrong turn and…"

    Nope, unless you walked to one of the static map icons.

  2. The Bozos are in, and they really laughing while attacking 😀 Maybe Piranhas are also in, saw there a bunch of dead and looted a conversation where they stated they are do another "illegal party", but were killed as it was a trap by some other gang. Jack the Rippers are also in. Not sure about Trekkies, there is a reference tho in sex shops as a sex toy themed around Star Trek, saing on it: "Beam me up Scotty" 😀

  3. Actually, there was that one really random side mission that you do run into a guy who would match what a bozo is. so yes it's close enough to be confirmed if you ask me.

  4. I wish there were “The Wooks – they have random festivals in the bad lands, do all drugs under the sun, make their money going from festival to festival and selling drugs and junk, and they have their own spirituality where their drugs are essential to ~raising their consciousness~ and their the only ones who know where to find crystals” 🤣🤣

  5. A lot of these gangs seem less like dangerous criminals and more like cosplayers. The bozos do sound pretty terrifying though, and I actually like clowns.

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