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How Insomniac Refined Combat In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

On this exclusive look at Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we talk with Cameron Christian, game director at Insomniac Games, about how the team has refined combat and made it unique to fit its titular hero.

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  1. I'd love it if there was some way Insomniac could do more Marvel characters within the Spidey world like Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Dr. Strange (basically New York based heroes) I bet their take on those heroes superpowers would be awesome.

  2. Still debating if I want this for ps5 or ps4. The ps5 will play better but there won’t be any by this games launch. The ps4 version won’t play as good but I can get the game launch day

  3. @Internet surfer  it's with the coming dlcs the developers said that not me it will be 90$ with dlcs included , + you said that the only difference in the game is takedowns animations and new skins so that isn't enough to buy such a game cuz they added new animations and skins and pay 90$ for fkn game
    . Jumping still the same
    . SWINGING still the same
    . Both peter and miles have spider tool kit
    . Most of the stealth takedowns animations are the same.
    . The Map is the same as you said.
    . Combat system still the same with finishing trigger and anti gravity spiderman .
    . Boss Fight System still the same still spamming the Dodge Button whenever he makes move .
    . The Only Thing Difference Is The Story only
    .+ ofc no one would buy the same previous game with new story I would rather watching it on Youtube than buying the same game to play it again .
    I am telling you somethings not from me but from the game itself
    . It is a Fraud + I was a game developer before . Thanks .
    . The game is fake its marvel spiderman copy paste with new story.

  4. Bro legit it’s the same thing just with new animations why are people falling for this enhanced combat bull when we can see when he fights rhino it’s literally just the same bad boss fights from Spider-Man ps4 where they are 90% pretty looking animations and 10 gameplay. Not saying this game is bad or anything just saying they are hyping this up as something new when this looks exactly the same. As those horrible boss fights from the original.

  5. you're only doing this with milles morales because of black lifes matters, i bet the next game will be with a homosexual girl or transgender

  6. 0:45, literally takes down 2 soldiers, third one who is standing right next to them doesnt even react properly and just slowly walks over to them. Also the clunky jump with a 90 degrees turn and still lands on the wall perfectly looks so bad. You would think the enemy would start looking up on the walls and shit when they literally know they are dealing with Spiderman. Sheesh, AAA superhero "games" in a nutshell.

  7. I realized that Miles has the same powers that Peter has. Peters gadgets let him do the exact same thing the Venom ability does. The Taser webs the suspension Matrix and the concussive blast do the same thing his venom power does. Still cool though.

  8. I get all drooly to the thought of the pre ordered PS5 along with the LG oled CX on Christmas, can hardly contain myself!
    it's gonna be an eyegasm!

  9. "How they changed combat in miles morales"
    They didn't which is why I'm not getting it also cause it's not Peter parker some random black kid who's OP right off the bat like a Mary sue

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