Greg Miller And Andrea Rene Crush The Immortals Fenyx Rising Stadia Demo

(Presented by Ubisoft and Stadia) We teamed up with Greg Miller from Kinda Funny Games and Andrea Rene from What’s Good Games to take us through the exclusive free demo of Immortals Fenyx Rising. Play it for yourself here:

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  1. I heard you have to pay Stadia to stream their games on YouTube, because the developers are losing money to content creaters who play their games and don't get any money for it. NOTHING. Poor Stadia.

  2. The game looks like a breath of the wild clone, and as someone who didn't get to try it because I don't have a switch, I'm glad lol. Also I'm surprised Stadia runs in Argentina. I expected the input lag to be terrible, but it feels like playing on my PS4 or PC. There were a lot of compression artifacts but hey, at least I'm playing in an unsupported country

  3. Greg Miller is instant entertainment repellant for me. Devoid of anything interesting, a shill and the kind of **** who would throw a friend under the bus to save himself… RIP Colin Moriarty

  4. After clicking the link: "Not supported in your country" where i got GeForce Now and Xcloud running like a charm on cheap fiber optic 700Mb/s we have here for around 25 euro/month…
    This kills any anticipation for that Stadia shit.

  5. These guys are the biggest shills in the industry. They do what they do because they have friends in the industry and get all their games for free and it makes their job easier. If the game has loot, leveling and a treadmill gameplay loop, they will automatically like it. Don't take what they say seriously tbh

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