Get The Most From PS5 and Xbox Series X

To get the most out of your PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, from TVs to sound systems, we narrow down what you need to get prepped for this next generation of gaming.

Next Gen Ready TVs


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  1. Games won’t be running at 4K 120fps so no you do not need an HDMI 2.1 television. Games on next generation will have modes that support 120fps at resolutions of 1440P and lower especially with the Xbox Series S showing Dirt running at 900P with 120fps.

    My Samsung 8000 Series with HDMI 2.0 supports 120fps at 1440P which Series X games will run at when using that mode. Even if a a game has a variable resolution and goes a little higher then that means it will down sample for sharper image quality.

    The TV also supports VRR (freesync) variable refresh rate on game mode that I’ve been using with my Xbox One X and my son uses with his X1-S which isn’t an HDMI 2.1 specific feature.

    This generation is more about finally being 4K 60Fps with support for 120fps and there will still be 30fps modes especially when you implement things like Ray tracing.

  2. Holy shit, I can't believe a gaming site affiliated with a tech site could get so many details wrong. Maybe get someone who knows what they're talking about to write the script next time.

  3. I dropped 1,500.00 with a 5 year warranty begining of this year on a 65" 2019 LG Nano Cell tv hope it's good enough for the Xbox series x and ps5 still don't know which system I'm gonna get both got there pros and cons

  4. $1500 on a new tv so I can see the difference. $450 on a new console $120 a year for game pass $220 for storage. Then I get to spend $70-80 for a game which will be just as buggy and unfinished and devoid of content just like all the games are now. Thanks but I think I will pass . Just remember in a years time the xbox series xxs will be released as new and improved.

  5. You won't need any more than 60hz/4k with hdr for the upcoming gen. Not a single graphically demanding game is going to run at 4k/60fps, and is it really imperative to run some indie game at 120fps?
    Save your money folks, systems/games are expensive enough

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