Genshin Impact: What Does A Zelda: BOTW Expert Think?

Genshin Impact has turned a lot of heads with many calling it a Breath of the Wild clone. Resident Breath of the Wild expert RinHara5aki dissects and puts his thoughts into what he thinks of Mihoyo’s latest release.

When it was first revealed, Genshin Impact drew comparisons to The Legend of…

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  1. It makes me kinda disappointed but Genshin Impact is an anime game and The Legend Of Zelda:Breath of the Wild is a hyper-realistic cartoonish game to me i dont get why people started to compare them when they literally have different mechanics and much different stories that aren't even that the same, from what i observe about it, genshin has more smoother animation than BOTW itself but BOTW is more realistic and better storylines compare to genshin and from what i heard, genshin impact literally has a very toxic fandom while BOTW has a better fandom than genshin.What's so similar about them anyway? when genshin was created by a japanese company (i guess) while BOTW was created by idk an american company or something? :/

  2. BOTW was creative and inspiring. Genshin literally ripped things from BOTW. Imagine saying you were "inspired" by the Zelda franchise so you created a temple of Hylia in your video game -_-

  3. alot of people are always like, " aww it has a similar physics engine andpeople can clime and glide, " but thats just a game feature in alot of games, yes its similar, no its not the same game, no they are not copys, at most they are inspired.

  4. Genshin isnt a bad game. But its pay to win features and the fact that you can play any character you've met ruins the story. I liked the fact that you are what you wear in zelda. And overall genshins story feels cheap compared to botw. The base story of genshin is either the male or female mc according to your choosing tries to save their sibling but you can change characters and basically no one uses the mc so it just feels like the mc died and someone carries on his legacy xd. Either way. I dont hate mihoyo for taking inspiration from botw and i even think more games similar to zelda should exist

  5. The funny thing is…
    Dogsh1t impact didnt just copy botw
    They copied nier, MH and other games
    But so called genshin expert never talk about that

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