Genshin Impact vs. Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 20 Biggest Similarities

While Genshin Impact shares many elements of Breath of the Wild such as cooking and shrines, other parts of the game stand out heavily as something pulled directly from Breath of the Wild. Here are our favorite picks of the most significant similarities.

Genshin Impact looks a lot like The…

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  1. I'm from China,but I think it's actually a plagiarism.I am so shame about it.and too many addicts are tooooooooooooo FxxKing CRAZY.
    In China,We have a saying that“猿批看什么都像原神,只有塞尔达不像” (the Genshin addicts haven seen all like Genshin,only Zelda not)

  2. I have yo say after watching g this video there's no doubt some copy of lots of animations and structure, but both games put do much effort and different storyline, as a player of both there is so much different in the overall game play

  3. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”
    As for me, I would love a chance for more adventuring in BOTW style.
    I think it’s great that someone can build another great game based on the template of BOTW. I support that.

  4. Friend: Can I copy your homework?
    Me: Sure but change a little bit of stuff so it won’t look like you copied.
    Friend: Ok!

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