First Look At Xbox Series X Boot Up And UI

We finally got a chance to experience the UI for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and like Microsoft said, it looks a lot like the Xbox One’s current UI. If you’re already in the Xbox ecosystem, the UI for Series X/S should look very familiar to you.
In the video above, Michael Higham shows off…

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  1. looks presentable. Easy enough to navigate. Cant wait to get my hands on one. Own Nintendo consoles and portables, sega consoles, and all PS consoles and portable up till ps4. Never own an XBOX. With gamepass and BC, I feel this would be a perfect time for a first XBOX.

  2. So essentially its just the next top of the line production model Xbox One and the leap from the Xbox One X to Series X is not too different from the leap from the original Xbox One to the Xbox One X?

  3. The Xbox strategy they will update the dashboard and the controller when all the hype dies down for the ps5. Then everyone will jump on the Xbox bandwagon again.

  4. Looks just like the Xbox one current os knowing Xbox they will likely overhaul the hell out of it in a few years like with the original 360 layout vs end of life span while ps3 stayed the same

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