Firearms Expert Reacts To Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons Trailer

Jonathan Ferguson, a firearms expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, reacts to a range of Cyberpunk 2077 weapons.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Jonathan, you can check out more from the Royal Armouries right here. -…

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  1. Even as a child watching Star Wars battles and shit, when ever there in a small room fighting I just imagine the longer they fight the hotter the ambient air would get to the point of both party’s giving up from the heat.

  2. Mass effect touch on this topic pretty well, the idea of reloading a weapon seems obvious because unlimited ammo sounds unrealistic but the idea of creating a gun that fires out slivers of a metallic elements able to shave off a couple layers of atoms to use as a projectile make a lot of sense understanding the volume of matter available to be used effectively.

  3. Should be noted that in Cyberpunk 2077 the US is also effectively a third world country, so it doesn't have the highest tech options available

  4. 4:12 I see a couple of issues with that thermal katana, other than it cauterizing the wounds, for one, if that glowing blade is made of some type of heated metal, that wont cut, because at that colour heat its just gonna be too soft and any edge it might have will get ruined after a single hit, and even if you dont hit anything with it, after heating a blade to that colour, regardless of how sharp and hard it was before, that too is now ruined, unless you were to cool it down the exact right way every time and put it through the proper heat treating process after.
    Secondly, even if that glowy bit does manage to cut, the thicker piece behind it will just get stuck on whatever youre hitting and stop the cut completely.

  5. Jonathan is so fucking calming to listen to. Knows his stuff and isn't so fact driven that he gets upset when guns don't work accurately nowadays. LOVE THESE VIDS

  6. Talking about "not really a melee weapon person" with A LITERAL RACK FULL OF SWORDS BEHIND HIS HEAD IN THE VIEW xD I love Jonathan. And yes before people start i know he means he's not an expert, having a few collection items / movie replices etc doesn't make one an expert, no matter what redditors may think.

  7. Actually there are people in America politicians who believe "incendiary bullets" are self guided heat seeking rounds that can be bought from Wal-Mart or the "gunshowloophole" (whatever that is). And these are the people writing our 20,000+ gun control laws the rest of the world doesn't think exist.

  8. The trauma team’s SMG/rifle doesn’t make a lot of sense either because the magazine is so far in the front that the barrel is probably two inches long.

  9. The one thing I'd like to point out- Although I am unsure if you'll see this, is that as a Sci-fi setting there are certain internal consistency bits to consider.

    Like, in this setting, even common street wear is made out of bullet resistant materials and future tech nonesense. No one just wears cotton anymore because it's really just that dangerous to just walk down the street. Certain types of cybernetic enhancements are also pretty common, like subdermal armor. Unsurprisingly, this leads to a lot of future guns being large caliber and high energy.

    To clarify ingame terms- Tech weapons all use magnetic accelerators. Yeah, that'd include the Nekomata.

    Smart guns are, in fact, bullets with guidance systems. They actually talk about it in some of the in game codex's. Basically, the guns computer networks with your own cybernetics to select targets and guide projectiles. If you're wondering, you do need some specialized cyberwear to get good results.

    You mentioned that a thermal Katana shouldn't be any better than a steel one- That's even true in game. It's mostly for cool factor, although, there are some edge cases where the target is particularly vulnerable to heat. (Not really relevant, but in game I'd still recommend pretty much any steel katana over any 'exotic damage" type katana. Drones have a tendency to explode when you hit them with their weakness, electricity, and so being close to them while that happens is inadvisable, plus, heat is only useful against a couple things, but is weak against others.)

  10. carefully checks all his guns, then piles them in the trunk. I've seen how V drives, those greebles aren't surviving the trip

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