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Exploring the Comic Book Origins of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (INTERVIEW)

With the imminent release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the Game Informer crew sat down with Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games’ Vice President & Head of Creative, to discuss and explore the comic book origins and inspirations behind…

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  1. The passion on the face of Bill Roseman shows why this game is as good as it is. There is so much passion and dedication behind it. Love it, absolutely!

  2. I'm so happy Spider-Man games are in the hands of this guys, they are so in love with this character, even if they fucked up Peter's face, but at least they're not a company making a game they don't love and just for money like Square Enix with Avengers

  3. I just pre ordered it I'm hyped ????

    I'm also mixed
    Half black and half Mexican miles morales is a awesome character we Played in the first game cant wait for the new game coming November 12th pre ordered

  4. DAMN.

    That opening about diversity is sooo fucking wholesome.

    I now have MAJOR respect for everyone who works at Marvel.

  5. Miles was always my favorite Spider-Man when I first seen him in the ultimate show I got a lego figure of him I just will always love Spider-Man no matter what he’s the best superhero ever

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