Every PlayStation Launch Game, From PS1 To PS5

The PS5 is upon us, so let’s take a trip down memory lane by looking back on all the PlayStation launch titles and seeing how they stack up to the latest console.

Every console has to launch with games, right? Sometimes those games are good and sometimes they’re bad, but they’re always…

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  1. Playstation launches from best to worst IMO:
    1. PS2
    2. PS5 (kinda tbd, I feel like Miles Morales, Demon Souls, and Astro's Playroom are guaranteed to be great games, but we'll see.)
    3. PS1
    4. PS4
    5. PS3

  2. The PlayStation stopped being good when its headquarters moved to commiefornia and came under the control of America. Now they are the censorstation, and they are unfairly targeting Japanese developers for their biased policies while non-Japanese devs can pretty much make whatever they want. Microsoft is also landing the blows on them, so I hope this is the last PlayStation.

  3. Man, the PS3 didn't have any food launch games. But years later their games got better and I ended up getting one in 2009. But I thought Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a PS3 launch title.

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