Dirt 5 Xbox Series X 4K Gameplay – Ice Drifting And Rally Racing

The rally racing series hits the Xbox Series X on console launch day, and you can see next-gen gameplay of Dirt 5 here.

Dirt 5 is the next entry in the rally racing series and takes on a more arcade-sim hybrid style, which you can see here in our gameplay of it running on the Xbox Series X. We…

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  1. watch this game is 1 month away and you guys are talking about pre build( just like halo) this game doesn't look next gen and it will be the same or worse for the ps5. they could have done better

  2. Everyone who has a 4k tv go watch dirt 5 on Xbox one or ps4 gameplay then watch this video on a 4k tv there's a massive difference my tv supports 4k 120 and let me tell you this looks really good the detail is amazing from the dirt particles to the environment the snow the water all looks pretty good to me to say it aint even final build

  3. Most overrated next generation ever. Third party games look exactly the same as old gen. I remember when cross gen games looked different on newer consoles. Heck even some old gen racing games look better

  4. If that's a game optimized for series x I'm losing intrest fast. Does look better than halo but still looks too similar to last gen for me.

  5. Codemasters will forever amaze me on how they deal with the Dirt series, they just have random themes, Dirt 3 was kind of a mix between drifting and rallying, it was pretty realistic for it’s time, then you had the dirt rally which was realistic, then dirt Showdown which was totally random and unrealistic, dirt 4 and dirt rally 2.0 are realistic and finally now Dirt 5 is a strange mix between an arcade game with realistic cars and awful textures…

  6. Colin McRae dirt 2 is my all time fav, I wish Xbox would bring AAA games like BLUR and TWISTED METAL TOO so we could enjoy 4 player split screen 😍 more often

  7. That easy AI issue really concerns me. I hope, they crank it up a lot. A victory should be earned and not given away. I you take a look at the latest Grid (2019) also from Codemasters, the hardest difficulty really is hard and thats a good thing.

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