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Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 Interview: Fractured Mode, Sixth Archstone, And More

Join Dan Tack and Alex Stadnik as they sit down with Gavin Moore, creative director at SIE Worldwide Studios External Development to discuss Fractured Mode, the Sixth Archstone, and more from the upcoming Demon’s Souls PS5 remake!

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  1. It's cool that they give you the choise to change the camera to the old one even if it's bad lol
    Im trying the new one I believe it's better for the game

  2. I do hope the door isn't fully closed on Miyazaki coming in to consult on a Broken Archstone DLC, you can tell it bothered him enough to leave it in the game despite not being finished.

  3. Gavin. You are a fucking legend. Keep this energy brother. Can wait to spend time with this game…. Im sure you will deliver an incredible experience.

  4. I'm totally sold. I can't believe there are people out there who didn't play Demon's Souls… We were there on the launch of the Asian region PS3 version, then we got the UK version, then the US version, and got the separate platinum trophies for all three regions! Demon's Souls is the reason I got a PS3.

  5. I can't take the guy on the bottom serious with those neon blue cat ears on his headset… Anyway, AMAZING interview. I also laughed my ass off when he asked if there are difficulty options added to Demon's Souls 😂🤣😂😂

  6. Right around 9:40 where they talk about accidentally hitting an NPC… Having an extreme gut reaction flashback to when I beat the game and was setting my controller down to watch it all play out and… accidentally depressed R2 and killed the maiden in black… smdh… missed the gold trophy because of that AND I ABSOLUTELY DIDN'T WANT HER TO DIE!! …deep breaths…

  7. I don't know what his name is but the interviewer with the ears needs to reevaluate if he should be discussing this game. 'Are you going to put in a real boss fight?' Really man? For someone like me that played the original, I'm am so grateful for how respectfully they have treated this remake.

  8. 23:44
    “I know what’s in there… but I’m not going to tell you”
    Even though they said they weren’t putting the 6th arch stone in the game, this is a strange way of answering a question like “what was in the 6th archstone?”. It’s not a hard thing to answer, just say it was snowy and had giants in it. This is suspicious, and makes me feel like the team may have something to do with the land of the giants.
    If they ever teamed up with fromsoft to do some dlc, it would be amazing. That’s what I got from it though, I just screams future dlc

  9. I have a question please, why couldn't it be a native 4k AND 60 FPS? is it because the ps5 can't handle it or what? And please forgive my ignorance about the matter

  10. There's no sixth archstone ITS WHAT THE FANS HAVE BEEN WANTING FOR YEARS THIS IS THE LAST GAME IN THE SERIES WTF, YES IT WAS YOUR PLACE TO MAKE THE SIXTH ARCHSTONE I honestly wouldn't mind if they made it a DLC, but fr the demons souls community really wanted this and they just said it's not our place to do that
    Dude, it's a remake

  11. "The way that we created the new look on the PlayStation 5 for all the characters; you know, how they keep their core look but how detailed they've become."

    Well, that was a fucking lie.

  12. It's sad to see that remakes nowadays are just a lift up in terms of graphics but not fixing gameplay aspects.

    Like not having bonfires is a serious flaw that could've been changed but you

    "have to stay exactly like the original to not piss off fans crying on the internet."

  13. Now I’ve played it, this interview is great. The guy wasn’t overhyping it at all, he delivered everything he said. Kinda refreshing not to be let down.

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