Cyberpunk 2077: YOUR Questions Answered!

We asked you for your burning questions about Cyberpunk 2077. You asked about its map, vehicles, how long to beat the game, and more, and we’ve got answers.

Cyberpunk 2077 is launching very soon, and despite numerous Night City Wire presentations, there are still plenty of questions…

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  1. They’re giving out false information you CANNOT get different houses or apartments its been confirmed you guys couldn’t do a basic google search???😂😂😂

  2. They really need to move her Prompter info/Script away from the side of the screen; and place her prompts to reply IN front overhead where the eye contact is natural.. It comes off looking like shes straining to think, when reading to reply..
    its more like shes bored and not payed enough.
    I mean it just felt really animatronic-like, off putting and distracting.
    The excessive nodding; & way more more waiting for the guy to finish so she could read from her script and move on.

  3. ill play all the modes, im not gonna be picky on which game mode ill play first, ill start with one nomad, street kid and corporate at different times, to see what all three has to offer and post launch content as well

  4. Who the hell asked these questions?! Theyve already been answered numerous times!! What a waste…i asked if loot was gonna be like the witcher 3 and if it was gonna be all over the place to get. Fuck im gonna have to wait till launch

  5. Hello Gamespot, this might be a very awkward question to answer however will there be anything new about romance/erotic for cyberpunk 2077… any new juicy information? Thank you Gamespot !!!

  6. 10:32 I'm also curious to know if this will be an stand alone game… An hypothetical sequel within the same city sounds weird to me, so maybe they could just update the game with a new character and storyline…. Or maybe instead of a sequel, it would be a prequel and focus on the events of the fourth corporate war (then you could chose to play either with Johnny Silverhand, Morgan Blackhand or Alt Cunningham).

  7. whoever complained about the length of the witcher 3 , Isn't an RPG fan. with an RPG, there is no such thing as "too long" of a story. I finished the game 3 times, been thinking about playing it again. if anything, it wasn't long enough. I'm gonna play cyberpunk at least 3 times, since there is 3 different life paths.

  8. Pretty sure they have said all along that V's apartment is the only one you have. I think you may be making stuff up on the spot there! Really sloppy work all round.

  9. I'll be playing the middle ground between the guns blazing Nomad and the ghost like stealth of the Corpo so I'm going for Streetkid think it is the perfect middle ground and I loved games like Ghost of Tsushima with it's stealth + full melee combat. rather have the choice to go gun blazing or do it silently.

  10. Why do people wear a beanie inside your house and then on top of that put headphones on that will be placed on the sides of the beanie because the beanie covers your ears. Just think it is an odd trend that has been going on for a while.

  11. They said werewolf on the game radio or something. I haven't fully researched it on the wiki or something. Can you find something like that in the game?It is maybe about biotech inc.

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